Politicians Use Religion to Control the Minds of the Weak


I was raised Catholic. Until I reached high school age, I was very religious. I went to daily mass, observed all Catholic events, and was an altar boy. I read the bible, and believed the words and commands of Jesus Christ without question. I was non-violent, and hatred was a mortal sin which would condemn my immortal soul to hell.

Today’s right wing religious extremists are hypocrites and are in direct violation of the first amendment. They use fake-religious beliefs to obtain votes. They live lives of debauchery, while judging and condemning the LGBT community, women who legally seek abortions, and Muslims for acting in a manner concurrent with their Constitutional rights. They do not believe in Christianity because they ignore the words of Jesus Christ.

We’ve seen them all; Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike King, Sarah Palin, Mike Pence, and others place their faux-religion ahead of our nation and its people. Trump’s latest nominee is a perfect example of those who use religion for personal gain. Compassion and concern for their fellow man is non-existent.

Trump has selected Mike Mulvaney, Republican representative from South Carolina, to run the White House Office of Management and Budget. Mulvaney is one of the GOP’s most extreme conservatives and has failed the people of South Carolina and our nation.

Mulvaney was against raising the debt ceiling, and actually had the gall to hold a prayer session in the Capitol regarding the possibility of placing our government in default. He is against almost all spending, with the exception of defense; no surprise there; waste and war are good business. He will have a major influence relating to where our government will spend it’s money.

Trump is not making these decisions; he is nothing but a puppet for Vladimir Putin, and billionaire Robert Mercer. Trump was sent on a “victory tour,” allowing these vile men to make the decisions regarding our nation’s future. Democracy is dead; “long live the fuhrer.”

When I was much younger, and still a practicing Catholic, I was taught that religion was a private matter. Today the right wing is shoving a single cult down our throats. The Christian religious right is in control of the GOP.

I am part of a growing trend in America. As Christian religions continue to lose new members, more than 65 million Americans denounce all organized religion, and either deny the existence of a god, or are unsure.

Trump is the perfect president for Republicans. He claims to be a Christian, but has broken multiple laws in an effort to increase his personal wealth. He denounces women and refers to them as second-class citizens who serve only a single purpose. He preaches hate, and incites violence. Over a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault.

If you are not frightened about Trump’s choices for his circle of sinners, you will be. Change is coming, and it’s not a good thing.


By James Turnage


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