The Truth is That it’s Trump vs America


Nothing has changed since the election. Trump is not preparing to accept the responsibilities of the presidency, he is continuing to hold rallies during a victory tour. He continues to attack more than one-half of America; considering them enemies. What he hasn’t been doing is attending the all important daily security briefings, or conducting a press conference to inform the American people regarding his plans for our nation’s future.

Instead of meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the heads of our security agencies, he is denying confirmed reports by the CIA, FBI, and the NSA that Vladimir Putin personally intervened in our election on his behalf.

It is now apparent that a Trump presidency will be a continuous battle between him and his circle of sinners and the American people. Millions of ignorant and uninformed voters have given us a man who is not only unqualified to lead our nation, he hates my America.

Trump tells those who attend his rallies more lies. He claimed he had a “landslide” victory, when his was one of the narrowest in history. He will not admit that Hillary defeated him “bigly” in the popular vote by nearly three million votes; receiving approximately the same number as President Obama did in the 2012 election. Meanwhile, he has told those who question his preparedness that he is “too busy to attend security briefings.”

During the campaign season, he proved that he knows absolutely nothing about international relations. It has become evident that he will make all of his decisions based upon guidance from Putin. His circle of sinners have absolutely no knowledge regarding the daily operation of our government.

After Trump’s inauguration, he will learn a difficult lesson. There will be crowds wherever he goes, but they won’t be cheering the immoral man; they will be protesting his illegitimate presidency. He will be forced to face the reality that it’s us against him.

I am one of millions who will never accept Trump as our president. I do not base my displeasure on his lack of ability alone. In fact, I consider his lack of morality far more important. He is a white supremacist, and a sexual predator; this makes him completely unfit to defile the White House. He is a bully who has the weakest temperament I have ever witnessed, and is a danger to not only our nation, but to the entire world.

Trump’s most egregious mistake is that he believes he can “run” our nation in a similar manner as his failed business empire. This naivete is unacceptable, and displays a lack of intellect.

Millions of Americans will suffer from the fascist rule of Donald Trump. His five-year relationship with Putin will destroy what is left of democracy in America.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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