Is Tweetin’ Trump Out of his Friggin Mind?


I’m aware that Trump believes that his long friend Vladimir Putin has his back, but he is proving that he is the dumbest man in the world, or that he has literally lost his mind. Trump began a ‘twitter tirade’ against China. Apparently he is unaware that the United States owes China $1.15 trillion, and our relationship must be handled with great diplomacy, not by using social media.

If you are a Trump supporter, or were, you must be questioning his ability to be presidential. Of course, if the CIA is correct, Trump is not legitimately our president.

If you only watch television news, you have been deprived of the truth. Mother Jones reported that Trump has been a Russian asset for more than five years. Did a plan begin as early as 2011 or 2012 to make Trump the ‘leader of the free world,’ who would actually be a puppet for Putin?

A response to Trump on twitter from Dan Pfeiffer said it all.

To call this is a diplomatic strategy would be like calling a monkey throwing its feces against the wall artistic expression.”

Every day since the election Trump has proven that he is unfit to be our president. He remains arrogant, and ‘thin-skinned,’ but now he has added numerous mistakes to his resume. Trump is an embarrassment and a danger to our nation.

President Obama was unfairly criticized by some of the American people. I guarantee you that before the summer of 2017, they will be wishing that he was still living in the White House.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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