Megyn Kelly Will Destroy FOX Noise


After Gretchen Carlson revealed that she had been sexually harassed by FOX Noise President Roger Ailes, 25 additional women came forward with similar accusations. None was more critical to his eventual firing than Megyn Kelly.

FOX’ viewers were very familiar with Kelly, but the general public learned about her after the first Republican debate in August of 2015. Kelly was obviously instructed to personally attack Donald Trump by Reince Priebus and Ailes regarding his lurid relationship with women. This began a feud between the two, and moved her into stardom.

This week it was reported that she has received an offer from ABC to leave FOX and become a legitimate journalist.

Although this is important in the news industry, Kelly will make more headlines because of her new book, and a reported movie. Soon to be released will be a film which will thoroughly detail the inner workings of FOX Noise, and its acceptance of sexual harassment by Ailes and others in executive positions.

FOX is not new to scandal. Their number one personality, Bill O’Reilly was accused of sexual harassment several years ago, and is involved in another today. His first accusation was settled out of court.

However, Ailes was the crushing blow. It was Ailes who ordered on-air personalities to report anything, true or false, which would increase ratings. His unscrupulous tactics moved the network to number one in only a couple of years.

FOX quickly became the Republican Party’s propaganda machine. Although most of the time it was embarrassing, they were supportive of all Republican candidates, and were unconcerned whether or not they were qualified or morally competent to serve the American people.

Kelly began her career as a legitimate journalist until she agreed to join FOX. Ailes’ sexual harassment, combined with her constant conflicts with O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity, surely factor into her reasons for possibly abandoning FOX.

Kelly’s departure, book and a movie, may end the reign of division and lies from FOX. It’s better late than never.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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