Trump’s Approval Rating Extremely Low Before the Inauguration


Trump will deny two facts; he doesn’t believe in them. First of all, Hillary Clinton received a mandate from the people by winning the popular vote by nearly three-million. Secondly, his approval rating is only 35 percent. In addition to these facts, our nation will remain divided as long as he is allowed to desecrate the White House.

No intelligent American who has moral standard can possibly accept Trump as their president. I remember 12 presidents, if you count Trump. They were Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama, and now Trumpenstein. When they entered office, the first eleven were respected, dignified, and ‘presidential;’ Trump is not. None of these 11 men were proven criminals on inauguration day. None were white supremacists; at least openly. None were sexists, and alleged sexual predators. None had revealed plans to repeal parts of the Constitution. What they did have was experience in either state or federal government, and a right to take the oath of office. Trump will by lying when he promises “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Trump will begin his ‘reign of terror’ without the support of the majority of the nation’s people. Only 35 percent of the American people believe that he will be a good president.

Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, the LGBT community, and women are extremely concerned. Scrutinizing his choice of advisers and nominees; they should be. All five groups have become victims of hate crime in an increased percentage never believed possible in the 21st century since the election.

I predict that by the summer of 2017, Trump will be the most-hated man in the world. Even the majority of his supporters will begin to realize what a serious mistake they made, and how the future of our nation is in danger.

Even today, more Americans are learning not only of Trump’s lack of understanding regarding the duties of a president, he appears to show remorse that he actually won. Trump needs to nominate over 600 more men and women to fill vacancies in positions necessary to keep the government running smoothly. Instead of facing that responsibility, he is taking a victory tour. Trump has spent more time tweeting his anger than attending daily security briefings with the President. (He has attended three in the last month.) Trump apparently has no plans to hold press conferences; he knows he could not answer the tough questions; he knows nothing. He plans to “talk” to the people by sending out a group tweet.

Trump does not know how to be ‘presidential.’ Unlike Hillary, he apparently has a penis, but that does not qualify as being ‘presidential.’

I, and many others, had great fun commenting on George W. Bush’s lack of public speaking skills. Trump is far worse. He doesn’t know that there is no such word as “bigly,” and his overuse of the word “huge” is revolting. He is the worst public figure I have witnessed in 70 years.

The truth must be passed on by you and me; the media won’t do it. Please re-post. Thank you.


By James Turnage

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