Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump’s Five Year Plan Succeeded


According to a top Russian spy, Donald Trump became an asset for Russian President Vladimir Putin five years ago.

A “veteran” spy is alleging that Russia is cultivating, supporting and assisting Donald Trump and has been for at least five years. The spy said the response from the FBI was “shock and horror.”

Documents were delivered to the British press earlier this year. So why hasn’t the American public been given this information years ago? The truth is that the FBI, and the entire American government are in collusion with the media to deny the right of the American people to know the serious mistake they made on November 8th. The truth about Trump’s victory would present serious questions about our election process.

The NSA and the CIA have revealed that they are certain that efforts by Russia to hack into our election process made a serious difference in the results of the general election. Post election statements and decisions by Trump and his circle of sinners have proven that he is not an American. He has placed his personal ambitions and those of his circle of sinners ahead of our nation and the American people.

The combination of a failed and corrupt American media, Russian influence, and a last minute effort by FBI director James Comey to sway the election in the direction of Trump, raises many questions.

Was the election ‘rigged?’ Should James Comey be investigated as a traitor to the United States of America for his involvement in the election? Was voter suppression by Trump’s cronies instrumental in a low voter turnout?

All these factors are important, but the influence of Putin is the most crucial for the future of our nation.

David Corn, of Mother Jones, was one of the reporters who labored over an extensive period of time to find the truth about Putin’s involvement over a period of years.

In August, Corn reports, the FBI asked the spy for all information related to his findings and he “continued to share information with the FBI” which he says made it clear there was a “pretty substantial inquiry going on.”

Once again, why is the media covering up the truth? Our major television “news” networks have become a bad joke played upon the American people.

So, for those of us who actually care about our nation and the future of the American people, what will happen in the next year? This is entirely dependent upon one fact. Will the truth expose the corruption of Trump and his circle of sinners, or will the media continue to allow his lies as acceptable?

Individuals such as myself who tell the truth can only hope that we reach the American people. I do not have the tens-of-thousands of readers necessary to make a real difference. The mainstream media has millions of viewers who are brainwashed by attractive and charming personalities every day, who make millions of dollars; but they are not real.

I will never cease in my efforts to be a “lone wolf” who will report the truth. I have been a patriot for 70 years, and I will not stop. I will continue to expose not only the lies of Donald Trump, but the failure of the media to protect our nation’s people.

I understand that many of the nation’s media personalities are paid millions of dollars each year to mislead the American people and increase ratings for the purpose of advertising revenue. This is unforgivable. The fourth estate only exists with me and others like me. Those who are members of the wealthy class are guilty of misdirecting the American people, and they include television broadcasters.

Any entity who claims to be a legitimate news service and fails to denounce Trump as our legitimate president-elect, is lying to our nation’s people. He is unfit for multiple reasons. His lack of qualifications are only part of the reasons why he will never be accepted by the majority as our president. He is the most immoral man in America, and should not be allowed to defile the White House. He is an embarrassment for all true Americans.

By re-posting this, you will proclaim your patriotism to the American people; not our government.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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