As Politics Moved to the Right; Fascism Became the Reality


Beginning with the Ronald Reagan Administration in 1981, the American political system began to move farther to the right. Reagan began a movement to ensure that the wealthiest Americans succeeded while the working class became subservient. Now, in 2016, Democrats would be labeled Republican centrists of the Reagan era. Trump, and his cronies have moved our nation so far to the right that they are fully involved in making America a fascist nation where plutocracy is the new anti-American system of government.

Reagan’s belief in conservatism would describe most Democrats today. The people’s party has displayed the cowardice that only they can. With the exception of a few, such as Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, most Democratic politicians refuse to support progressive ideas. They have capitulated to the media and the Republican voting base, and refused to strongly support any of the causes important to the American people. Mediocre statements have become the norm, as fear of losing an election has replaced the courage of JFK, Bill Clinton, and Barrack Obama; the last three strong presidents in modern history.

So, if the left has moved further to the right, what does that mean for the working people of our nation, and where is the Republican Party headed? It’s here.

Millions of voters decided that it was time to end this foolish idea of democracy. They wanted a man they mistakenly believed was a strong leader, who would rule our nation and not serve the people. They decided that white supremacists were right, and they had no concerns if their leader was a sexual predator, believed in homophobia, and considered women as third-class citizens. They gladly accepted fascism, and will proudly raise their right arms at his inauguration, as he lies when taking the oath of office, and shout at the top of their lungs; “Sieg Heil; Heil Trump.”

As for the people in our nation, they will become ‘subjects,’ not citizens. The wealthy will become more powerful and witness increased profits, while the middle class disappears, the working class will become slave labor, and the poverty level will rise to numbers not seen since the great depression of 1929.

Trump has already indicated that he would like to repeal the first, fourth, and 14th amendments; they’re not good for business or a fascist regime. Freedom of speech is the greatest threat to a plutocracy. The truth cannot be revealed; lies and misdirection are becoming the acceptable norm.

Trump will destroy the right of all Americans to have health care, and will not replace Obamacare. Future recipients of social security, paid for by themselves and their employers, will see the benefits reduced and will not be able to receive them until age 70. Medicare will be privatized and become a safeguard for seniors only in memory. Women will be third-class class citizens. The “pecking order” will be men, a fetus, and finally women. The Christian religious right; which is not Christian by definition; will accept the fascist rule of Trump and his circle of sinners, and force the American people to deny all other religions. Religious persecution will become acceptable, and hate crimes will become the norm. The stars on our flag will be replaced by swastikas.

Okay, I’ll admit that some of this may be an exaggeration; but not by much.

We already know that minorities will be persecuted under a Trump dictatorship, and the LGBT community will be forced back into the closet or suffer the consequences.

Please help me and others defeat the traitorous media and spread the truth. Re-post and keep the revolution alive.


By James Turnage


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