Trump’s Promotion of Hatred Inspired a Reaction he Never Expected


Donald Trump may have won the Electoral College, but he is now the most hated and least supported man in America. His white supporters may be pleased that their view of America has a leader, but the majority despises his immorality, and his lack of principles.

Throughout his campaign he inspired hatred at his rallies and at the debates. This ugly reality of the worst of America is returning to haunt him.

As hate crimes increase across our nation, directed at blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, the LGBT community, and women, we are experiencing the ‘Trump effect.’ This is just the beginning. No individual has been laughed at more than Donald Trump in our nation’s 240 year history; and it’s not in a kind manner. He is despised for his immorality, his ignorance, and the fact that he is a clown which nobody laughs with.

His blatant racism and bigotry have not gone unnoticed by most of the real American people. It took more than 60 years for America to join the rest of the western world and denounce prejudice. Only the United States has harbored bigotry and the claim of superiority by whites for such an extended period of time. Not even Germany, who was led by the most infamous white supremacist of all time is as backward today as much of our nation.

Now let’s look at reality. Dirty old bigots such as Trump are dying. They’re not leaving this planet fast enough, but they are truly a dying breed. Most of Trump’s selection for his circle of sinners are old and white, and soon our nation will be relieved to know that they are no longer a part of the ugliness of our country.

Millennials are now the largest demographic in our nation. Women are becoming the largest voting bloc. The beliefs of Trump and his cronies do not represent the values of the majority. Whites will soon be the largest minority in America.

If our nation can survive the fascist government of Trump, or if we can remove them from power, America has a chance to become great. The destruction caused by a Trump victory; even before he takes office; can be reversed. Evil cannot succeed when good men and women refuse to accept the evils of a tyrannical dictatorship.

I hope that the American people have the courage to deny the ambitions of Trump and his circle of sinners. I continue to believe in the America which raised me. I cannot accept this deplorable Republican Party and its standard bearer as the representation of what America is in the 21st century. I remain a patriot to the people, but I denounce the government and refuse to accept its authority; its legitimacy.

Always remember the lessons of our founding fathers; protests are patriotic. When governments suppress the rights of the majority, it is our duty to take our country back by whatever means are available.

Please re-post if you believe in freedom.


By James Turnage

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