Trump Likes to Tweet it Out: But He Can’t Take It


In all of my 70 years, I have never witnessed a man with a weaker temperament than Donald Trump. Even the slightest criticism sends him into a rage. How will he react when he is justly criticized by tens of millions of Americans, and even more frightening, foreign dignitaries and leaders?

Trump lacks the ability to speak intelligently and coherently; that’s why he’s afraid of holding a news conference. He loves to tweet, knowing that no one is there to ask him questions. But he doesn’t like it when the American people tweet him. He blocks any remarks he cannot handle emotionally.

Heather Spohr is a mother of two living in Thousand Oaks, California. After a primary debate last year, she had the nerve to criticize Trump for the way he attacked Megyn Kelly. She tweeted Trump, calling his actions “repulsive.” Today she is one of thousands of men and women who Trump has blocked from reading his tweets, and responding to his vile words. So much for the first amendment in America; Trump wants to repeal it.

“It makes me laugh in a way that’s not funny,” said Spohr, 37, a blogger and freelance writer. “I can’t see the tweets of the president-elect. He’s going to be my president. It’s absurd.”

Trump is the most ridiculous public personality I have ever witnessed. His need for public attention has placed a bulls-eye on his back as the nation’s primary target for ridicule, and jokes aimed at his words and actions; no one is laughing with him. Millions of ignorant and uninformed men and women voted for America’s first fuhrer. He will not allow himself to be the center of laughter and honest criticism. If the first amendment continues to exist, we will likely see his head explode on television. Trump is unfit to live in the White House.

The idiocy of Trump using Twitter to speak to some of the American people cannot be overstated. If he intends to actually take the oath of office, he must perform all of his duties. The president cannot exist in a secret society.

“The president should speak to all Americans directly and not filter people out,” said Timothy Naftali, a presidential historian at New York University. “Are people blocked from watching television or listening to radio when a president gives an address? The president-elect needs to get used to the idea that presidential words matter. And everyone needs access to those words.”

Trump lacks the ability and inclination to be “presidential.” He has failed to follow decades old protocols. He wants to be ‘different;’ and he is. But his difference is not only foolhardy, it is dangerous. The relationship between the people of the United States and their president is based upon honesty and transparency. America’s president has many responsibilities, but Trump cannot spell the word.

For me, and millions like me, Trump will never be my president. He is not qualified, and I am now certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the election was rigged by several entities. It was rigged for Trump.

I do not believe that the Electoral College is legitimate. Every vote should count. Therefore, Hillary Clinton is the people’s president-elect. The results of the popular election, reveal

that she won by at least 2.5 million votes. It is difficult to believe that with a margin that huge she did not win the 270 electoral votes needed.

Of course I am one of the thousands of individuals who Trump has blocked from being involved in his ‘twitter wars.’ He only allows those who agree with him to participate. Time will prove that his number of followers will greatly diminish as his plans for the destruction of our nation become a reality. He and his circle of sinners will be forced to barricade themselves from the rest of our nation as angry riots fill the streets demanding his resignation, along with Pence and the rest of his reprehensible inner circle; his circle of sinners.

Please spread the truth and re-post. Thank you.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Esther Vargas

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