Kellyanne Conway Celebrates the Victory of White Supremacists and Their new Fascist America


In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Clinton strategist Joel Benenson, and Trump campaign manager discussed the election results. Conway claimed that Trump received a mandate from the American people, although Clinton has a 2.5 million vote lead in the popular contest. Ignored by everyone was the fact of Russian hacking, the media’s failure to force Trump to be held to the same standard as Hillary, and James Comey’s timely announcement of new e-mail investigations eleven days before the election, which greatly changed the polls.

There is now no question that Trump was right; the election was rigged by multiple entities.

The truth is, that if the demographics of election night are closely examined, Trump won the white vote, and no other demographic. The fact that Trump is continuing to surround himself with white supremacists proves that he shares their beliefs. His supporters have come out of the shadows to celebrate their leader.

President Obama once claimed that racial relations in America were improving; he was terribly mistaken. I have said for years that it is worse. This election proved that, and sadly, I was correct. Post election hate crimes have risen by more than 500 percent. Trump’s supporters now feel new strength; new power which allows them to continue Trump’s message of hate. A new America was born on November 8th, and the nation created by our founding fathers died at the hands of a “basket of deplorables.”

Democracy is gone, and a plutocracy has replaced it. Fascism will be the philosophy of the new leader of thousands of men and women who refused to move forward; seeking the past when racism, misogyny, and white male dominance was the norm.

Trump, his circle of sinners, and his white supporters are celebrating today. However, immediately after he takes actions which will deny the Constitutional rights of the greater majority, our nation will change once more. A new revolution will begin to oust the nation’s first fuhrer.

My greatest disappointment lies within the American voter. Those who cast their ballots for Trump have no concern for our nation’s future. They were willing to accept the least presidential candidate in history. They were not concerned that Trump is the most immoral man in history. He is not only a white supremacist, he is a xenophobe, a homophobe, and an alleged sexual predator in the likeness of Bill Cosby. Maybe his sins are acceptable because he is white.

Trump did not defeat Hillary, who was the most qualified candidate in history; she won the vote of the people. This is why it’s time to repeal the antiquated idea of an electoral college.

Trump will never have a ‘mandate’ from the people. Several protests are being organized for the day of Trump’s inauguration. No one knows how many women plan to walk to the White House on January 20th, but the number could reach one-million. And this is just the beginning.

Instead of a ‘mandate,’ Trump will be the most hated president in history from day one. More than one-half of our nation’s people will never call him their president; he is unworthy of that title, and this vile and immoral man will never represent me; I am a far better man than he is.

Please re-post if you are as ashamed of our president-elect as I am; thank you.


By James Turnage


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