Democrats Must Accept Some of the Blame for Trumpenstein: They must Find some Cojones


In 1968 Eugene McCarthy ran against Richard Nixon for the presidency. He ran on a platform centered around an anti-war campaign. The conflict in Vietnam was becoming a reason for protests among younger Americans. McCarthy did not receive the full support of his party. Representatives and Senators feared a backlash from the older white WWII demographic who supported the controversial war.

As hundreds of our finest young men returned from Vietnam in body bags, the sentiment of the American people began to shift. No one in our government could offer a reasonable explanation why so many were forced to engage in a war they failed to understand.

Democratic politicians lacked the courage to support McCarthy or the growing sentiment of the American people. McCarthy lost the popular vote by 23 points.

This election signified the cowardice of Democratic politicians at that time and for the future. Their fear of losing elections prevented them from becoming a cohesive party which supported its leader. Nothing could define this more than the eight years of the Obama Administration. Democrats had a great leader who defined America. He was principled, dedicated to the American people, and saved our nation’s economy. But many Democratic politicians considered Republican pollsters. They feared that they might lose their jobs which required little effort and maximum benefit.

Democrats capitulated to John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and later to Paul Ryan while they continued to destroy democracy. A lack of courage defeated the Democratic Party on November 8th. Instead of attacking Trump for his complete lack of morality, and praising Hillary for her many accomplishments and her platform, which would have positively affected the majority of the American people, allowed the most reprehensible man in America to live in the White House and defile 240 years of history.

Let us not forget Democratic voters. They accepted the media and the Republican Party’s claim that Hillary was untrustworthy, and had committed criminal action. Only a few liberals rallied to her side to denounce these false allegations, which allowed Trump to gain an advantage, although he was the most immoral man in America and was seeking the presidency.

I remain in disbelief that such an unqualified and reprehensible man as Trump won the election. I condemn the millions of our nation’s people who professed their disdain for democracy, and their lack of concern that the man who would represent our nation lacked any principles and was a debauched and vile human being.

Democrats and ignorant Republican voters have destroyed our nation and allowed members of the one-percent who seek fascism as our new government to obtain their sordid ambitions.

Please re-post if you continue to value the United States of America.


Photo courtesy of ddonar

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