Trump Planned his Traitorous Taiwan Phone Call


Trump will always place business before anything, including his country. It is a fact that he has been seeking permission to build three luxury hotels on the island of Taiwan. But those close to him claim that the planned phone call was to establish himself as an outsider who is breaking with the past. Really? It seems to me that he has absolutely no understanding regarding foreign relations, and the dangers to our nation if mistakes are made; and he’s already made quite a few.

Trump and his aides lied all day on Sunday, claiming that the call from the Taiwanese leader was merely congratulatory. We have learned to expect nothing but lies from this immoral man and his circle of sinners. But the truth has been exposed.

Very early on, Taiwan was on that list,” said Stephen Yates, a national security official during the presidency of George W. Bush and an expert on China and Taiwan. “Once the call was scheduled, I was told that there was a briefing for President-elect Trump. They knew that there would be reaction and potential blowback.”

Alex Huang, a spokesman for President Tsai, told the Reuters news agency, “Of course both sides agreed ahead of time before making contact.”

So let’s see; what moral qualities does our president-elect possess? The answer is none. He is a vile and immoral man who is not fit to be the leader of the free world. His devotion to white supremacy, the objectification of women, and the fact that he places his personal business ahead of the safety and future of the American people is unforgivable, and prevents him from living in the White House.

President Richard Nixon was a “crook,” but he had one talent which Trump will never possess; he was an excellent diplomat. In 1972 Nixon traveled to mainland China. Previously our government only recognized Taiwan as the representative of the people of China. His negotiations produced a dialogue and continuous diplomatic relations for the last 44 years. How much harm Trump has caused is yet to be determined.

Only and egomaniac would take actions which could be labeled as traitorous, even before he takes the oath of office. Trump’s constant need to have his ego stroked has once again been exposed with his “victory tour.” He is continuing to hold campaign rallies in the states which offered him the most support. His poor judgment and need to be praised obviously inspired this no infamous call to the leader of Taiwan.

America is in for a bumpy ride. We are about to be led by a group of debauched men and women, who are traitors, not patriots. Their lack of qualifications for the jobs they have been assigned is more than frightening; they make the future of our nation appear dark and foreboding. Trump promised to “drain the swamp,” but all he has done is create a cesspool.

Thanks to millions of ignorant voters, our nation has been forced to accept the most unprincipled and immoral man in our country as our president. However; the majority will never accept Trump. He is not representative of the American people; and we’re thankful for that.

Please re-post; Americans deserve the truth.


By James Turnage


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