Trump and his Circle of Sinners Continue to Whine and Misdirect the American People


It has become obvious to me that Trump and his circle of sinners are attempting to cover-up an obviously rigged election. As more results come in, and a recount has begun in Wisconsin, it is a fact that Hillary Clinton crushed Trump in the popular vote. This fact also raises many questions regarding the validity of the Electoral College. It seems nearly impossible for one candidate to receive such and enormous win and yet lose. Trump was obviously aided by Russian hackers; they’ve been planning this for over five years according to a Russian spy.

For myself and millions of others, I will never accept a Trump presidency. My primary reason is Trump’s complete lack of morality. A president cannot be without principles, and be a known criminal, a white supremacist, and an alleged sexual predator.

On “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday evening, the comedian didn’t mince words in describing Trump. I have called him many things; all of which are factual. He is a fascist and plans to repeal the first amendment of our Constitution, and other sections as well. Maher is more direct, and in three words describes Trump’s lack of intellect and his extremely weak temperament. Maher’s description of Trump is a “whiny little bitch.”

Maher also tweeted Trump’s lack of urgency and intent to be prepared on Jan 21st to perform the job of a United States President.

Its been almost a month, will I ever get used to Trump? F**k no. Its like watching a toddler playing with a gun – you’re always nervous.”

Trump has done things since the election never considered by any legitimate president-elect. He has also failed to perform acts expected of the man who will soon sit in the Oval Office.

Trump is now on a “victory tour;” but only in the states which gave him his largest support. But he’s not thanking the American people; he’s continuing to bash the media and Hillary. He is holding ‘campaign rallies.’ Is this what he believes a president does in office?

One thing he hasn’t done is to hold a press conference. All former incoming presidents have held press conferences within days of the election, outlying his plans for the future of our nation. Trump has done nothing but reward campaign contributors and his cronies with political appointments and nominations. He continues to allow Robert Mercer to make all decisions regarding the governing of our nation. Trump will obviously be a puppet for Mercer and Vladimir Putin.

For 18 months I warned our nation’s people what a Trump presidency would do to our nation; but it’s worse than I believed. Every reported act Trump will take beginning in late January will move our nation closer to fascism as he destroys all democracy, and violates the Constitutional rights of millions.

While Trump, the schoolyard bully, and his circle of sinners continue to whine because they lost the election badly, the American people can laugh at him or cry for our nation. There is no joy in America; millions of ignorant voters elected a fuhrer instead of a president.

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By James Turnage


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