When Will Ted Cruz Learn that He is an Insignificant Hypocrite?


Cruz can denounce anyone he wants, but cannot defend his own weaknesses, and his traitorous and hypocritical actions towards our nation’s people and his master; Donald Trump. Cruz believes in endless hatred and harboring grudges; unless his realistic target is Donald Trump. He looks backwards, and denies that new generations are beginning to take control of the world.

I am 70 years old, and am more willing to accept the inevitability of new demographics who will change our nations and the world. Cruz must learn that he is not only hated by his constituents, but by the American people. His lack of courage and any sense of morality to place his political career ahead of the honor and reputation of his wife and father is reprehensible and unforgivable.

He is continuing his immature tirade regarding the death of Fidel Castro, and the dignified and intelligent responses of world leaders, including our own great leader, Barrack Obama. Cruz is one of those politicians who believes that he is smarter than everyone; especially his constituents. They see beyond his pathetic attempts to discredit his opponents, and is why he lost the Republican nomination although the full arsenal of the GOP supported him in an effort to deny Trump his ambitions. Desperation could not allow such a weak and unprincipled man to win the party’s nomination. Instead the GOP decided to allow a criminal, a sexual predator, and a white supremacist to become the party’s nominee; anybody but Cruz.

On the Senate floor, Cruz had this to say as he denounced President Obama and others for their refusal to offend the Cuban people.

The Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is dead. And yes, I said “dictator.”

I know it’s been hard for people like President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to actually say the word “dictator,” but at least some politicians are calling Castro what he really was…again, a dictator.”

Cruz needs to grow up and learn about change and history. Both have lessons which he has not learned. Education means nothing unless it is applied to current proceedings around the world which affect all nations, not only America. The truth is greater than emotional weakness. Countries cannot exist if the only course of action is related to anger for past offenses, hatred, which is only destructive, and a fear of what the future might bring if nations decided that the future of their people is less important than unfulfilling and destructive revenge.

Both President Obama, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to the death of Fidel Castro with a message to the Cuban people. Neither denounced the long-time autocrat, or praised him. Cruz is now supporting an American who is dictatorial, and a man who will be America’s first fascist fuhrer. Can he be more of a hypocrite?

America has the worst politicians in the world. One entire party has no relationship with the majority of the American people. Cruz leads a group of extremists which would destroy every major success over the last 65 years which benefits the majority. Like Trump, Cruz is an egotist who would nullify the American values of our founding fathers. The only difference is that Cruz would violate the Constitution in the name of religion, while Trump supports fascism.

If we look at what was wrong with our government before the travesty which is Trump, Cruz and his failures are partly responsible for the construction of ‘Trumpenstein.’ The misdirected anger of millions of American voters used their ignorance to elect the most immoral and unqualified man in history to be the leader of the free world. Our nation will pay a heavy price for the weakness of the electorate, and the complicity of ambitious men such as Cruz.

Please re-post; this is your country if you really want it.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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