Trump Adds more Proof that He both Knows Nothing, and has no Concern for our Nation’s Future


Before I begin this article, I must be honest with my readers. I am renouncing my Independent status until we have a respectable second party; I will support Democrats from now on. The hypocrisy of Republicans in name only, and their traitorous actions against my America prevent me from supporting any of their candidates.

Each time Trumpenstein makes another selection for his inner circle, he adds additional proof of the fact that he is totally unfit to be our president. He knows nothing, and continues to select men and women like himself who have no experience and no qualifications for their new positions.

So far he has selected two dedicated white supremacists; two billionaires, a white man in a black man’s skin who has proven himself ignorant regarding science and history, and a failed Chairman of the Republican National Committee, who led his party to destruction. His latest nominee fits perfectly with this “basket of deplorables.”

His name is Steven Mnuchin. He is another Wall Street executive denounced by Trump during his campaign who knows nothing about the fiscal policies of government, but if confirmed, will be our new Secretary of the Treasury.

During his campaign, Trump vilified Wall Street executives. He has now nominated at least three member of the corrupt and greedy members of Goldman Sachs for his cabinet. These are the same men who should be in prison for creating the housing crisis of 2008. Trump has continued to surround himself with the dregs of American business, such as himself, and dare the nation’s people to challenge his autocracy.

We now have the first president-elect that is not only the most unqualified individual in history to claim leadership of our nation, he is also the most corrupt. Some of our nation’s people have elected a criminal to live in the White House. In addition, his complete lack of morality disqualifies him to lead America and the free world.

Those who we have a right to protect us have failed. The mainstream media, and Democrats have failed to denounce Trump for who he is. They tell us that we must unite to support our nation. They are truly full of s**t. Our nation no longer exists as long as a despicable individual such as Trump is allowed to claim the presidency.

Until November 8th the presidency was respected. There is no doubt that many of our nation’s leaders were not respectable men, but none were confirmed degenerates before they received the support of an ignorant electorate.

When I was attending school, we had two holidays in February. On February 12th, we celebrated President Lincoln’s birthday, and on February 22nd, our first president, George Washington. They were deserving of the honor. In 1971, some idiot politician decided that we should honor all presidents, and have “president’s day.” This was a huge mistake. More than one-half of our presidents were despicable men who should be forgotten. The obvious are Herbert Hoover, Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush. But now, before his inauguration, we have another in Donald J. Trump. He cannot be my president; he lacks the morality and is a traitor to the America of our founding fathers.

Trump has already made decisions which will destroy my America. He is under orders from Robert Mercer, and Vladimir Putin to reform our nation into the new fascist regime resembling that of Adolf Hitler.

I have survived 70 years of self-serving politicians, but I have never witnessed anything such as the debacle which is now America’s ultimate destruction.

My question is; will you accept a government which will control your life and place you into servitude? Is fascism acceptable? Will you allow Trump to tear up the Constitution, and install a government which supports white supremacy, hatred, and prejudice as the norm? Will you accept the ideology that women are second-class citizens?

240 years of American history are endangered because millions of uninformed and ignorant Americans allowed Donald Trump to become the worst leader of the free world in history. I ask you all to revolt, and refuse to accept the most disreputable man in history to claim that he is the legitimate President of the United States.

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By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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