Putin and FOX Noise Will Dictate Policy for the Trump Administration: Death to America


Trump’s first plan to destroy America and democracy forever is to repeal the first amendment. His greatest fear and his first target is freedom of speech. His extremely weak temperament cannot accept any form of criticism. If anyone denies that Trump knows everything, he moves into an insane tirade, attacking his detractor.

This will only increase the number of protests in the streets of our nation’s cities. The illegitimate election of Trump will result in the second revolution. The media will ignore the facts, but they will soon be denounced for their support of America’s greatest traitor, who will institute fascism as our nation’s new government.

Trump has been a Putin asset for more than five years; just read previous articles I have written to learn the truth. He is already calling our nation “the homeland,” and his comments regarding the burning of the American Flag are in-line with Adolf Hitler who punished anyone for free and independent speech.

In every one of Trump’s rallies he plainly stated that he hates the America of our founding fathers. He rejects the idea of free speech, freedom of religious choice, the equality of all mankind, and respect for women as equals to their male counterparts in all situations. He said that anyone who performs or receives an abortion must be punished. He believes that all Hispanics are rapists or criminals. He would forbid the practice of Islam by all Americans, and institute Christianity, the most violent religion in history, as our nation’s religion. He will seek to overturn the rights of the LGBT community to marry the person of their choice. Trump has surrounded himself with those who believe in the superiority of whites, and the slavery of black America. He does not believe that law enforcement treats blacks differently than whites. Trump does not believe in anything which cares for the majority; he will be an autocratic ruler, not a servant of the working class. He fits the mold of the new Republican Party.

Putin and the traitorous FOX Noise will control our national policy. Trump is merely a puppet. That’s understandable; he knows nothing about anything; he will need to be told what to do and how to act in every situation. His choices for his cabinet and closest advisers are the worst America has to offer, and have no experience for the jobs offered to them. They are old, and white, (yes, that includes Ben Carson), and are not representative of our nation’s people.

Baby boomers are dying off, and are no longer the largest demographic; this now belongs to millennials.

Millennials are the opposite of Trump’s inner circle. They are not obsessed with national origin, race, homosexuality, or male vs female. They denounce capitalism for its failure to the working class, and will accept ‘democratic socialism.’ Millennials do not listen to the lies and half-truths offered on the television “news” shows, and therefore do not hear campaign ads filled with lies.

Change is coming; and Trump won’t like it. I will enjoy watching his head explode when he is criticized every minute of his time in office.

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By James Turnage

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