Why is the Media Continuing to Give Trump a Free Pass?

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Let my attempt to find some truth in the media. It’s difficult, but I believe I have the reason the media is continuing to give Trump a free pass. The personalities, (no longer journalists), support the Republican Party and its standard bearer. The rich stick together, and a fascist government would give them more power and increase their wealth.

The facts are there; Trump’s choice of advisers and cabinet members are a “basket of deplorables.” His chief adviser, Steve Bannon,” is the worst of all. He is openly a white supremacist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, anti-Semitic, a sexist, everything else which is bad about America. His choice for Attorney General is a ‘closet’ white supremacist, who was turned down for a federal judgeship 30 years ago because of his blatant racism. Jeff Sessions is from Alabama, and I would not expect less. He has chosen two billionaires with no experience at any level of government other than contributing to the campaigns of Republicans. Others include a member of the House who is responsible for wasting time and money attempting to repeal Obamacare 54 times. Only 10 percent of Trump’s selections have any qualifications to perform their jobs.

It appears that Trump will use the presidency to increase his own businesses, and fill his bank accounts; except, of course, for his “foundation.”

Why is the media not lambasting his stupidity? This will be the worst administration in history from day one.

Anyone who has studied the history of our nation, or has closely followed politics, is fully aware that two things happened on November 8th; nearly one-half of voters placed our nation on the edge of extinction, and fascism has arrived in the United States; its name is Fuhrer Donald Trump.

The American people can no longer trust the fourth estate. They continue to ignore the fact that this election was illegitimate. The media supported Trump from day one. The NSA has proven that Russians hacked Democratic e-mails, and likely some voting machines. Donald Trump became an asset for Vladimir Putin five years ago. Finally, James Comey’s deliberate announcement of a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server eleven days before the election harmed her enormously.

You will never hear a word about all of this from the television media. The truth is no longer in their vocabulary. They gave Trump a free pass related to his close association with admitted white supremacists. Although they couldn’t talk enough about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assault, they gave Trump a free pass when he was accused of being a sexual predator. The fact that his own words proved that he is nothing more than a dirty old man has been dismissed.

Don’t expect the media to criticize anything Trump does; he has received another free pass since the election. We have the worst of the worst, and democracy no longer exists in America.

Pleas re-post; it’s up to you and me to let the American working class know the truth about our nation. Together, we can take it back.


By James Turnage


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