Did Vladimir Putin Rig the Election for Trump? Was Trump Right?


When Trump continually said that the election was rigged, he was telling the truth. He knew that it was being rigged for him, and attempted to cover up the truth.

It began with the enormous difference in television coverage by the Media. The “Donald Trump Three Ring Circus” received five-times more coverage than all other candidates combined. Without this excessive and unwarranted support, he would never have received the Republican nomination.

The media refused to drop the “e-mail” issue in support of the GOP, but virtually ignored Trump’s criminal activities; his belief in white supremacy; and the many allegations of sexual assault, and the release of his true attitude about women in three tapes which can only be labeled ‘disgusting.’

Russian President Vladimir Putin encouraged WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to hack Democratic private e-mail accounts in a direct attempt to influence voters. But the truth was revealed by a well-known Russian spy who surrendered documents to a British newspaper proving that Trump and Putin have been communicating for at least five years. Trump has been a Russian asset openly denouncing Democrats throughout the entire time period.

My final concern is FBI Director James Comey. Was he influenced by Trump or Putin to suggest a new investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s e-mails just eleven days before the election?

The election was rigged; rigged for Trump. Millions of ignorant or just plain ill-informed Americans voted for a traitor, and the least qualified degenerate in our nation’s history.

The media is biased; biased towards whatever story will bring the highest ratings. “Profit Before People” has become or new national motto. Not a single television news service offers the entire truth, or both sides of an issue. All of the “information” they offer the American people is biased. Whether it be the amount of time, or their failure to ask the tough questions of one candidate’s campaign staff, while creating a double standard for the other, they display enormous prejudice.

Something just doesn’t “smell” right about the entire election process. How can one candidate receive two-million more votes than her opponent, and lose the election?

Was the election rigged? We may never have a definitive answer, but more than one-half of all Americans will never accept Trump as our president. Morality is important; respect is important; and intelligence is important. Trump has none of these qualities, and is unfit to lead my nation.


By James Turnage

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