Trump and Putin Bromance Grows


Since his election, Trump has ignored most of our allies, failed to meet with the Pentagon, and the CIA. He has also failed to hold a news conference. What he has done is accelerate his bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The NSA has confirmed Putin’s interference in our recent election. FBI Director, and traitor to the American people, James Comey, has denied this fact. A well-know Russian spy gave proof to British news agencies that Trump was contacted by Putin five years ago regarding his becoming an “asset” to Russia’s efforts to control American politics. Fascism is happening, as proven by Trump’s nominations and appointees.

The president-elect confirmed he is willing to normalize Russian-American relations,” Putin told reporters. “I told him the same.”

Will Trump nominate Putin as our Secretary of State, or Secretary of Defense, or will he just call him an “an adviser?” Either way, Putin will be in control of the naive Trump. One compliment, after five years of reported communication, influenced Trump to present the keys to our nation to a former KGB leader.

You cannot trust an egomaniac. The media and even President Obama can never convince me to trust Trump and ‘give him a chance.’ He will never be my president because he is not a true American. He is a white supremacist; sharing the same lack of principles of his idol; Putin.

Trump claims that he will remove our nation’s ties with NATO; now we know why. Trump will weaken our nation, regardless of his planned, bloated defense allocation. We will be alone in the world; a ‘play toy’ for the Russian government and its military. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave. Trump has never heard his famous caution; “trust, but verify.”

Thanks to millions of ignorant voters, our nation is in serious danger. Trump’s fascist regime will destroy the Constitution, and only a revolution will cure the ills created by Trump and his cronies.

Never forget the media’s part in the destruction of our nation. They supported Trump and perpetuated the lie that Hillary Clinton was not a woman of character and morality. They ignored the facts that Trump is a white supremacist, a sexual predator, and a xenophobe.

Soon after Trump lies as he takes the oath of office, our press will not longer be free, and the first amendment is repealed. I will never say: “Heil Trump.”


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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