Weak-Minded Trump Should Pay Attention to His Job and Cease his Media Wars


Trump still doesn’t get it; being the President of the United States is a full-time job; seven days a week, 365 days a year. He cannot hold rallies and create anger and incite violence. He must accept criticism, because there will be a huge amount coming his way. If he continues to wage a war against the media, he will only offer additional proof that he is unfit to be the President of the United States.

I have thousands of complaints regarding the mainstream media, but mine are valid. They no longer gives us facts, and can no longer be labeled the “fourth estate.” The full truth is no longer within their framework, and they are partly responsible for the election of Trump. They set a double standard; giving Trump a free pass. They failed to denounce his racism, bigotry, xenophobia; his criminal actions, and his alleged sexual abuse. They failed the American people, and I will never watch a broadcast again.

However, Trump’s only reasons are invalid. He has the weakest temperament I have ever witnessed from a public official. When Trump is criticized, he attacks; this is not at all ‘presidential.’

Extremists on the right attacked President Obama endlessly, and unfairly for eight years. He remained ‘presidential,’ and focused on the needs of the American people. I doubt that we can expect the same from a less intelligent man such as Trump.

Today, Trump had a meeting with the New York Times. He had canceled it in a tweet, but staffers encouraged him to reinstate it. The meeting was described as ‘contentious, but cordial. The Washington Post remarked: “But he made no mention of the enormous amount of airtime that the networks, especially on cable, devoted to his campaign. A number of analyses have noted that Trump’s presidential effort was boosted by the news media’s fascination with him.”

I have always claimed that the media’s constant reporting about Trump, while continuing in their attempts to discredit Hillary Clinton aided Trump greatly. Without it, she would have led by 50 points in the polls.

We have never had a president who will be more closely scrutinized. Even George W. Bush received less criticism than Trump will be forced to endure. His presidency will be riddled with attacks both personal and professional. Trump is destined to have the worst relationship with the press in modern history. His spin doctor, Kellyanne Conway, will be unable to protect him now that he is an elected official. His inexperience, and lack of knowledge guarantees that he will fail, and the Washington press corps will be there to remind him of that fact.

Protests will continue. Wherever Trump goes, patriotic Americans will challenge his qualifications to be the president. They will begin in the streets near his inauguration. Then on the 21st of January, more than one-million women are expected to protest in front of the White House.

I know that in a strange way I should celebrate Trump’s win; he will give me plenty to write about for years; but I cannot. I fear for the future of my country, and not because of Trump. My fear is related to those who voted for such an immoral and despicable man; what does that say about nearly one-half of our nation’s people?


By James Turnage


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