Don’t Lose Sight of why Trump is Unfit to be our President


Throughout the 2016 campaign season the media gave Trump a free pass. This policy continues, as they pretend that a Trump administration offers an iota of legitimacy. They act like this is merely another election, and another change of power in Washington. They are partially responsible for the disaster of a Trump presidency. There is no question that Trump’s policies are destructive to the American way of life, but the primary reasons why he is unfit to be our president are far more important.

Trump is a white supremacist, a criminal, a sexual predator, a xenophobe, and selected a running mate who is likely more homophobic than any man other in America.

Trump’s close association with Steve Bannon and others, along with his own racist rhetoric, prove that he is a white supremacist. The KKK has claimed a victory with Trump’s win. Trump is an old white man who prefers the atrocities of the 1950’s to the changes which support the ideals and principles of our founding fathers.

Trump’s criminality begins with his controversial business practices. He admitted that he bribed elected officials to acquire property for his company. He created fraudulent businesses such as “Trump University” for his personal benefit. He stole money from his own charitable foundation for personal use. He created a “modeling agency,” by enticing young women to come to the United States without proper visas, and placing them in living situations which can only be called ‘slums.’ He violated immigration law. Any other man who acted in a similar manner would be in jail; not about to infest the White House.

Trump’s own words prove that he views women as sexual objects, and nothing more. His vile description and braggadocio that he could ‘do anything he chose with women,’ including an admission of rape, are more than enough proof that he is an immoral man who cannot be accepted as the president of a nation founded upon a strong value system. More than a dozen women have accused Trump of sexual abuse, but the media continues to ignore this; they condemned Bill Cosby, but have once again accepted Trump’s unacceptable actions.

His plan to reject all Muslim’s an opportunity to escape tyranny, and force Muslim citizens to ‘register,’ is proof that he is a fascist, and supports the beliefs of Adolf Hitler. He would force the American people to accept Christianity as a true religion, and violate the first amendment.

When he selected Mike Pence as his running mate, he knew that he was the first governor to sign laws which can only be termed “anti-gay.” He is a religious extremist whose priorities are skewed. His top three issues of importance are religion, party, and finally America and its people.

Trump will never be my president. I have no respect for him as a man who fails to support the Constitution, and is not concerned about the majority of the American people. He does not deserve my support, and is unworthy of my loyalty.


By James Turnage

Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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