Like Karl Rove, Steve Bannon Will be the next President of the United States

Make no mistake about it, Steve Bannon is now the President of the United States. When Robert Mercer ordered Donald Trump to make him the CEO of his campaign, the KKK, alt-right, and all other white supremacist organizations celebrated and knew that America now belonged to them. He is now the Karl Rove of 2000, who controlled the Bush Administration. He will dictate Donald Trump’s policies.

Robert Mercer, the billionaire who controlled Trump’s campaign in the final months, forced Trump to accept Bannon as his CEO. His white supremacy beliefs naturally devolved into fascism. All despots control the ignorant electorate by stressing the fallacy of misguided patriotism and religious cults.

Trump is the most ignorant and uniformed man in our nation’s history. If anyone from Vladimir Putin to Rudy Giuliani strokes his ego, he will accept support as the world’s greatest megalomaniac.

Under the direction of billionaire Robert Mercer, Bannon will control Trump’s every decision. Our nation was once a democracy, but became an oligarchy, and then devolved into a plutocracy with the election of Trump. It will soon become a fascist society, aligning itself with the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. If you doubt me, just review the rhetoric of Trump during his rallies over the last 18 months.

The supporters of Donald Trump did not elect a failed businessman, they elected a billionaire and his designated fascist beliefs. Trump will not be your president. Steve Bannon will decide the policies of our new and degenerate government, dictated by Mercer.

Trump’s supporters have decided to eliminate the America of our founding fathers. They denounce individual freedoms and the rights of all Americans to exist in a free society. A dictatorship will replace the democracy of our founding fathers, and the majority will become slaves to the one-percent. The dream is non-existent, and the wealthy will decide the future of the majority.

Our founding fathers believed that the vote of the American people was the most important right designated by the Constitution. They were wrong. When our government decided that the Electoral College would decide the future of our nation, they discounted the needs and intelligence of our nation’s people.


By James Turnage

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