I Cannot Support President Obama About Trump


President Obama is asking the American people to ‘give Trump a chance.’ I have always supported him, but this time I cannot. I cannot accept a man who hates my America as the President of the United States.

At 70 years of age, I have witnessed many changes in my country. I have always loved my fellow Americans; and have frequently despised the acts of my government, but remained a patriot.

As an original baby boomer, I remember family gathering where my uncles, who served in WWII, talked about the war, and the future of America. Times were tough. Jobs were scarce as our nation moved from a war time economy to a peace time economy.

When I began going to school, I was proud to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” every morning. The words had a deep meaning for me, and actually made me somewhat breathless. Our new president does not believe in “liberty and justice for all.”

I heard many complaints about our government from family and friends, but didn’t understand much of it until I reached high school.

The greatest event in my young life came in 1960. A young and energetic man was elected as the President of my nation. John F. Kennedy would lead my country into the future. Hope had arrived; and then a coward took him away when I was a senior.

After high school, I enlisted in the United States Air Force. Just after that, the Vietnam War began to escalate. After I was medically discharged, I joined others who protested a war halfway around the world no one understood. Friends died in the jungles of Vietnam, and others came home without limbs, and all suffered from PTSD.

I wasn’t very proud of my country during those times, but I knew that our nation’s people would eventually unite, the war would end, and a healing process would begin.

After our government admitted that we lost the war, they retreated in 1975. For 25 years, our nation did begin to heal, but in 2000 we elected a man who I believed offered great danger to our nation’s future. Sadly, I was right. After a cowardly attack on our nation by terrorists, our government invaded two nations. The Bush Administration used fear tactics to control our people. The result was the loss of tens of thousands of innocent lives in the two nations, and thousands of our own military. The cost of two wars bankrupted our nation’s economy, and it may never totally recover.

I remained a patriot; to our people, not the government. I believed that our next president would be an honorable man or woman who would lead us forward and hope would be restored. Once again I was right. President Obama put our nation on a path to recovery from a near depression. He loved his country and its people, and healed many of its ills. Sadly, the nation remained divided as racism grew for the simple reason that he was a black man.

Leading much of the division was a businessman with orange hair. He never stopped his accusations that our President was not born in America. He denounced him for his every action while he used words of anger and derision when he spoke before Republican gatherings. Today that despicable human being is our president-elect.

I do not agree with President Obama; I cannot accept Trump as my president. Throughout his campaign Trump spoke in favor of white supremacy, He denounced anyone who opposed him in the most vile manner possible. He preached hatred, and incited his supporters to commit violence. He was overheard making lewd remarks about women, which could easily be labeled “verbal rape.” Then more than a dozen women accused him of sexual assault; one, a woman who was 13-years-old at the time. This man is the exact opposite of every other president in my lifetime. He has no principles, is immoral, and is totally unqualified to be the President of the United States. I cannot even label him a true ‘American.’

No true American should offer him their support or their loyalty; he is undeserving of any respect, and therefore unfit for the Oval Office or to reside in our nation’s most revered residence.

I join with protesters across the nation. “Trump is not my president.”


By James Turnage


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