The Trump Effect


Tomorrow will be the one-week anniversary of the day democracy died in America. This is what the ‘Trump effect’ has caused so far.

The most obvious is a permanent division within our nation. There will be no ‘uniting’ for the American people. More than one half of the nation, including myself, will never accept Trump as our president.

The fact that his proposals will destroy everything good that has happened in our nation over the last 60 years is unforgivable, but the actual reasons for rejecting Trump as our nation’s leader are far more important. Trump does not believe in the Constitution, and is a sexual predator. We cannot allow an immoral man to be the President of the United States.

His choice of advisers has proven two important facts to the American people; white supremacists have a leader in Washington, and fascism has arrived in the White House.

Trump spent the entire campaign season proving that he is a white supremacist. It became a fact when he added Steve Bannon to his staff, and now as his chief adviser in the White House. Bannon is proud to be a member of “Alt-Right.”

When dingbat and spin doctor Kelly Anne Conway had the nerve to tell Harry Reid to be careful of his comments regarding her immoral and unqualified boss, she offered proof that fascism will be the new political system in America.

If any of you reading this did not vote, that means 95.2 million eligible Americans, the Trump effect you will soon complain about is your fault. Although the final vote tally will prove that Hillary Clinton received the second highest number of votes in history behind President Obama, the Electoral College gave Trump the presidency. Our system, and 95.2 million voters failed our nation.

In 2012 Trump said that the Electoral College was corrupt; he was right about something; once.

The American people must never forget that it was the media who supported Trump’s candidacy. Every television network followed the FOX Noise formula of ‘ratings first,’ the truth be damned. They created a double standard, offering Trump a free pass while constantly reminding the voting public that the non-issue of Hillary’s e-mails continued to exist.

Today the media is crying foul as Donald Trump is lambasting the New York Times and others. Now these publications are asking true Americans to come to their aid by subscribing to their trash. They helped elect a fascist as our nation’s leader, and do not deserve our support.

The media, and other politicians are calling for unity across the nation. I believe we should continue the revolution started in the streets of our cities. Civil disobedience must be the norm, and as long as Trump is our president no patriot should salute the flag or stand for our national anthem.

Much is required from a president, and that’s as it should be. Our nation’s leader must be a man or woman of strength and character. He or she must be extremely qualified and represent all Americans by supporting all of the Constitution, not just the parts he or she approves. A criminal and a sexual predator cannot reside in the White House; but he will be on January 20.


By James Turnage

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