The Fascists Who Compose Trump’s Inner Circle and how they will Destroy the United States


Where do I begin? Trump has his own “basket of deplorables” and buffoons as his inner circle. Not a single moral or credible person will be on his advisory staff. He has surrounded himself with men and women who represent the worst of America, and American politics.

Let’s begin with the worst thing that ever happened to the Republican Party. Few Americans know who he is, and wouldn’t want to if they did. His name is Reince Priebus. He has been the Chairman of the Republican National Committee since 2011. He failed his party completely and allowed Trump to become the party’s nominee. The first Republican debate was conducted by FOX Noise in August of 2015. Priebus conspired with then FOX President Roger Ailes to derail Donald Trump’s attempt to become the standard bearer of the GOP. He instructed FOX Noise personality, Megyn Fox, to attack Trump personally. The effort failed miserably as Trump’s polls rose on the next day. In desperation, he first supported an immature and illiterate Marco Rubio. When he lost his home state of Florida by 20 points to Trump, Priebus turned to the ‘most hated man in Washington,’ Ted Cruz. Trump crushed him as well. Finally, Priebus capitulated and supported the worst candidate in American history. Today he has been named as Trump’s “chief of staff.” Really?

Trust me; it gets worse.

When it was obvious that he could not beat Trump in his ambition to become the Republican Party’s nominee for the presidency, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, jumped on Trump’s bandwagon. It was obvious that Christie’s political career was over unless he took the desperate move of becoming Trump’s biggest supporter.

Christie’s upper staff was found guilty of “Bridgegate,” and eventually Christie would be implicated. In an effort which included fear and anonymity, Christie sought redemption with Trump. He will now likely be a member of Trump’s cabinet.

Next is Sarah Palin. The former “half-governor” of Alaska, who lacks the intellect of a ping pong ball. It is reported that she may be considered of becoming the Secretary of the Interior. Her philosophy is “drill, baby, drill.” She supports the petroleum industry and denounces renewable energy which would offer tens of thousands of high paying jobs for our nation’s people. She would destroy the intent of Republican President Teddy Roosevelt who believed that America’s wilderness should be preserved. She would allow the most dangerous mining operation in history to be in your backyard. Fracking wells would be more visible than trees, and destroy our water and farming areas.

Then there’s Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani is a white supremacist who instituted “stop and frisk” in New York when he was the mayor. He believed that if a police officer encountered a black man or women, he, or she, had the right to order them to ‘halt, and submit to a personal search.’ Eventually, the Supreme Court declared this action un-Constitutional. Today he defends Trump’s criminal and immoral actions and tells the American people that the disgusting businessman is the ‘greatest thing since sliced bread.’

Trump has nominated Newt Gingrich to be the Secretary of State. He has much in common with Trump and Giuliani. They are all sexual deviants, philanderers, and white supremacists. Gingrich was convicted of criminal actions by his own party and forced to resign from the House and as the Speaker. He divorced his first wife because she was not “attractive,” and his second because she would not commit to an ‘open marriage,’ while she was fighting for her life battling cancer. This is not the man we want negotiating with our allies or our enemies.

Next is the most degenerate of all Trump’s inner circle. His name is Steve Bannon. After raping the American people to acquire billions of dollars for himself while representing Goldman-Sachs, he became the manager of the extreme right wing blog ‘Breitbart.’ This anti-American publication denounced everything from African Americans, Hispanics, the LGBT community, women, Muslims, and Jews. Breitbart is an admitted white supremacist blog which would tear up the Constitution. Bannon is a member of Alt-Right which is endorsed by the KKK. His goal as Trump’s “chief adviser” is to destroy every American who is not white, old, and rich. This man may be more hated than Dick Cheney; and that is the most extreme damnation I could offer to any man who hates America.

Next is Kellyanne Conway. I questioned her selection as Trump’s campaign manager because of her limited experience. She was known as a pollster. When I learned that she worked for Robert Mercer in support of Ted Cruz, I understood. Mercer is a billionaire who switched his support to Trump. Conway is a spin doctor without the intellect to sell Girl Scout cookies. Her function was to spin Trump’s lies and outrageous comments to convince the ignorant voters of America that Trump was qualified to be our president. For the most part she failed, was not paid, but was desperate enough to remain with the campaign. Her future will be defined by the debacle which will be a Trump presidency.

Ben Carson may be the biggest joke of all because he is literally a blithering idiot. I do not know what position he will hold in a Trump presidency; possibly the Secretary of Fantasy; but this is a man who believes that the pyramids were ‘grain silos,’ and that men become gay because of incarceration; among other idiotic beliefs. When his own campaign failed, he bowed to Trump and begged to remain relevant. This is a man who was sued multiple times as a neurosurgeon.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, vociferously denounced Trump during the primaries, claiming that he did not represent Republican principles. After the ‘orange man’ received the nomination, Ryan ignored his own morality and supported him. When it was revealed that Trump was a sexist, and an alleged sexual predator, Ryan once again rejected him. When he remained in contention for the presidency, Ryan once again supported Trump. I have not witnessed such hypocrisy since Bill Clinton asked about the definition of “sex.” Ryan is a man without principles.

Finally, let’s take a long look at Mitch McConnell. The “turtle” is the worst politician in America, and a traitor who should be locked up for his un-American actions. His history is the most anti-American of all time. When Barrack Obama became our president, he ordered his party to obstruct every attempt by the black president and his party to aid the majority of Americans; if there was a more racist act in American history, I could not find it. His stated goal was to make the first black president a one term leader of the American people. After that failed, he continued his pattern of hatred for the American people. He refused to hold hearings for a vacant seat on the Supreme Court, which reduced our founding father’s intention of three branches into two; all of which were dysfunctional.

When Trump became a candidate for the GOP nomination, McConnell said that he would lead the effort to ensure that “anybody but Trump” would succeed. Today he has a ‘bromance’ with the immoral and unqualified president-elect.’

This is what the American people have been given by those who voted for this wretch of what some individuals call human. Trump is the worst of the worst, and will never be accepted as the leader of our nation by more than half of our citizens. I will continue to repudiate Trump and the media for their failure to protect and defend the Constitution and our nation’s people. I will never respect, and therefore never accept a Donald Trump presidency, and neither should you. We are not required to accept a man who is not representative of America and its values as our leader.

The most important part of being an American is holding onto the principles of our founding fathers, and defending the Constitution. Trump would repeal much of what makes America a revered nation by its people and millions of others around the world.

Trump’s inner circle is filled with fascists, who believe that white supremacy, homophobia, misogyny, and overall prejudice against anyone but those who hold their own beliefs must be eliminated from American soil. Trump’s supporters are aligned with these beliefs, and the reason why I believe that it is time for a second revolution.

Republicans created Trumpenstein, and he is their standard bearer. If any resemblance to the United States of our founding fathers is to remain, we, the majority, must take it back.

Our political system and our economic system have failed the American people. Refuse to listen to our failed media or any politician who tells you that “everything will be okay,” and that “we must unite for the good of the nation.” The nation is not good for most of us; and that’s the truth.

This is our time; we can defeat the government which has ignored us for decades. The Constitution does not require us to offer loyalty to those we do not respect.

America was destroyed on November 8th. A new America can become a great nation, but not as long as the present political system exists, and not as long as capitalism controls the lives of the majority.

Please, please re-post this. I love my country; at least the country I respected for 70 years. I do not want to remain sad and depressed, I want to find some hope for the future of those I will leave behind.


By James Turnage

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