Repealing Obamacare Will Harm Thousands of Americans


Additional proof that Trump knows nothing about anything is represented by his plan to ‘repeal and replace’ ‘Obamacare.’ Republicans have attempted to repeal the law 54 times, but without a Democratic president to veto their efforts, it will surely be destroyed in typical Republican fashion; tear things apart without first constructing something to replace it. But, the truth is that 545 people in Washington have the best healthcare tax dollars can buy; why should they care about you?

Because of Republican control of all three branches, more than 20 million Americans could lose their benefits, and Trump has no plan for its replacement.

Trump claims that he would like to keep two provisions. These stipulations would be mandatory coverage of preexisting conditions, and the option of dependent coverage until they are 26 years of age. But, here’s the problem.

If Obamacare is repealed, and a provision remains to require coverage for preexisting conditions, the insurance companies have an easy solution. If that condition would require $100,000 a year to care for the individual, the premiums required by the insurance company would be $120,000 each year.

On November 8th, Trump supporters were obviously not concerned that they were electing the most ignorant man in America.

I, and only I, can fix everything.” They actually believed that to be true? If they did, nearly half of our nation’s people are complete idiots.

I have news for Trumpenstein’s supporters, he will not do anything he promised; he lacks the power and the intelligence. Those he plans to place in his cabinet have equally low intelligence. Here is a man who has never worked a day in his life, who has failed at more things than he succeeded. His life of privilege left him one of the least informed men in our nation. He cannot claim to have sacrificed one thing in his life for our nation or its people.

What Trumpenstein has accomplished is to permanently divide our nation. There will be no healing after Tuesday’s travesty. I join millions of other Americans who will never accept Trumpenstein as my president for dozens of reasons. Most importantly, I will never recognize a man who has no morals, and is a white supremacist as the president of the nation created by good men in the late 1700’s.

By this time next year our nation will be in complete revolt. As Trumpenstein and his political cronies destroy all of the advances made for the vast majority of our nation’s people over the last 60 years, anger and despair will turn into a second revolution.

I will be proud to be part of it.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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