Hillary Clinton Won the Election: Lost to the Media, Putin, and Comey


I am fed up with reading “political expert’s” opinions as to why Hillary Clinton lost the election. The truth is very simple, but not politically correct.

Let’s make one thing completely clear; eleven days before the election, Hillary had an impressive lead over Trumpenstein. That all ended when FBI Director James Comey acted in an unprecedented manner and announced a reopening of the investigation into the Secretary of State’s use of a personal e-mail server. The next day the candidates were virtually neck and neck according to the ‘margin of error’ of each poll.

From day one the media gave Trumpenstein a free pass, and persisted in convincing the American people that 40 years of public service were unimportant; an honest mistake made her untrustworthy.

The third part of the puzzle is the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Only one government agency denied this fact; the FBI. Russian agents revealed that Putin’s communication with Trumpenstein began five years ago.

This is the truth, and you know it is. But you will never hear it from “respected” journalists.

This is not to excuse her loss. Hillary should have defeated Trumpenstein if she was guilty of anything slightly out of the ordinary. No President of the United States can be a criminal, a white supremacist, a sexual predator, or an individual who promotes hatred and violence. This is why more than one-half of our nation will never accept Trumpenstein as our nation’s president.

Hillary won the popular vote. Unfortunately the antiquated idea of the Electoral College remains. It has created additional division in our nation with the establishment of “red and blue states.” This must change if our nation is ever to become the United States of America once again, and every person’s vote has relevance.

When the revolution comes, we must not only remove Trumpenstein from office, we must disband our entire legislature. A two party system is not working. Without term limits, “professional politicians” were created and this is a crime.

There are 535 men in the House and Senate. Not adding the cost of benefits and retirement, they cost the American people $93,090,000 each year. Each of them works less than 100 hours per month. 80 percent of their time is spent fund raising or campaigning. Our government literally “doesn’t work.”

Time for change; time to restore democracy, and remove capitalism.

Bernie was right; democratic socialism is the only alternative acceptable to the majority.


By James Turnage


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