The Ku Klux Klan has a Voice and a Leader in Washington


Although once again the American people will not hear the truth from the media, but President Obama was wrong; racism has grown during his four years in office. Trump’s victory was a victory for white supremacists. It is rumored that his Chief of Staff will be Steve Bannon. Bannon is a member of “Alt-Right,” a white supremacist organization.

Everyone is writing articles in which they attempt to explain the enormous upset on Tuesday, and why the polls were wrong. The truth is too simple to believe, and they will not admit to the facts.

Although it was proven that Trump was a white supremacist, a bigot, and Islamophobic, the media gave him a free pass and failed to discuss these facts. When multiple tapes exposing Trump’s true opinion of women, and how his ego allowed him to do whatever he wants to with them, the media barely mentioned them, and many women accepted their role as second-class citizens. When more than a dozen women accused Trump of sexual assault, the media almost ignored them. They persecuted Bill Cosby incessantly, but accepted the word of a sexual predator, and ignore the women who were abused. Is it because he is white; or “orange?”

At the same time they never ceased talking about e-mails. Are you f**king kidding me? E-mails?

Other involvements included the documented interference by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Then there was the final insult eleven days before the election when FBI Director James Comey announced that his prejudicial investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails was to resume. Add this all together, and the people of the United States were sheep manipulated by the double standard placed upon Hillary.

Regardless, the KKK and all white supremacists now have a leader and a voice. They are represented by the most reprehensible man ever elected to our nation’s highest office. True patriots will never accept such a man as their president. Add to the aforementioned evils, his illegal business practices and stealing from his own charity, and he should never be allowed to soil the White House sheets.

Spread the word on social media, the mainstream media ‘lies to us all by omission.’ They are responsible for a reduction in the quality of life for the majority beginning next year. All the extraordinary work by President Obama will be overturned by a party composed of hypocrites and ambitious men and women. We had 240 years; democracy always ends, and I had to live long enough to see it.


By James Turnage

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