When the First Actions of an Unqualified New President are to Take Destructive Action: Our Nation is in Serious Trouble


I believe that if something is broken, fix it; but don’t just throw it away. Donald Trump doesn’t know how to ‘fix’ anything. His style is to tear it down and rebuild it in a gaudy and more expensive fashion. This is what Trump tells us he will do immediately after he lies as he takes the oath of office.

He will repeal the Affordable Care Act. He claims that he will replace it with a better plan, but it will not be better if it eliminates the rights of Americans with preexisting conditions to purchase insurance. Also in question is the right of parents to allow their children to stay on their insurance until age 26.

These changes would greatly benefit the insurance companies and threaten the health of million of Americans. Of course the wealthy, members of Congress, the president, and members of the Supreme Court will continue to receive the best healthcare money can by; your money.

In addition, Trump would make it nearly impossible for a woman to obtain an abortion; under any and all circumstances. This will please Mike Pence who is literally a religious freak.

Trump would weaken or eliminate the Food and Drug Administration. I have very little respect for the FDA, but Teddy Roosevelt believed that it was necessary, and so do I. Without it the pharmaceutical companies would sell Americans even more dangerous drugs at higher prices. GMOs would be in all of our food supply and create serious health problems in the future.

Trump says that he will “modernize” Medicare, which is a clever way of saying that he will reduce benefits for older Americans. He will institute Sarah Palin’s “death panel.” Anything for the super-rich.

Although the source of this article did not mention it, expect the Supreme Court to repeal same-sex marriage. This is another Mike Pence pet project; he is more homophobic than Steve Bannon who is likely to be Trump’s chief of staff.

This is how it will begin, “Yes, Martha, you did wake up in the 1950’s on Wednesday morning.”

Trump does have power as our nation’s chief executive to ban all Muslims from our country.

Because of all of this, and in spite all of the urging by the media to ‘unite’ and support our 45th president, I will not. He will never represent me. I am not a criminal, a white supremacist, or a sexual predator. I believe in understanding and compassion, not judgment and hatred. No respect for the man means no loyalty to his lack of morality and humanity.

Re-post if you dare to tell the truth.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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