Why the Electoral College is Outdated


Two of our last five presidential elections remain questionable. In 2000 Al Gore won the popular vote, but lost the election to a right-wing slanted Supreme Court. Last night, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but failed to win the Electoral College. Is it time for change?

I have never favored the Electoral College. Our founding fathers gave us the right to vote, believing that every citizen should be involved with the election of a president. The Electoral College negates tens of thousands their right to be counted.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 60,000 votes Tuesday night. 60,000 people cast their ballots for nothing; they simply didn’t count. The Electoral College created ‘red and blue states.’ We are not the ‘United States’ today. If this distinction did not exist, politicians seeking the presidency would be forced to campaign equally in every state; every vote would actually count.

Before last night’s election, our nation was divided. Since the Civil War our people have not witnessed such great anger and rejection of those who oppose their opinions; nothing has changed today. We elected a bully; a man with no morality, and no love of his country. He is a self-serving megalomaniac who by his own words is a white supremacist and a sexual predator. Donald Trump will never be my president. The media, my friends, and others are claiming that we must unite and respect the election results. I cannot and will not. For me it’s all about ‘respect.’ I cannot support any man or woman I do not respect; and Trump is not worthy of my loyalty. I will continue to denounce him daily in my blogs and to anyone who wants my opinion.

The American voter is the least informed and easily manipulated in the world. The media, which should give us facts and refuse opinions, does just the opposite. I will never watch another news broadcast in my lifetime. I will join millennials and find the truth on the internet from publications around the world.

The media has its attention whore; Putin has his puppet; and Comey will receive his reward from the Republican Party.

Trump was right about one thing; the election was rigged, and he was the beneficiary. The KKK finally won ‘the big one.’


By James Turnage

Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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