A Proud Nevadan


Hillary Clinton won the popular vote last night; but that is little consolation. The Electoral College awarded the presidency to the KKK and a large number of bigoted, white Americans who did not hesitate to vote for a white supremacist, a sexist, and his vice-president who is homophobic. White women and men won, but only for the last time. They accepted the fact that Trump is a sexual predator, and have given their sons and daughters a message; women do not deserve respect.

This morning I do have something which offers me pride, including the fact that our six Electoral votes were given to Hillary Clinton. In my state of Nevada wisdom prevailed. We elected the first Latina in American history to the United States Senate. Catherine Cortez Maso defeated Joe Heck. The battle was fierce, as the money poured in from the NRA and other lobbies.

Heck was a tool of the Koch brothers and the NRA. His biggest mistake was voting ten times to defund Planned Parenthood as a member of the House of Representative. Our state has thousands of poor women who depend on the organization for cancer screening and other medical services. Heck also fought for the Koch brothers and their big oil projects while rejecting legislation which would have aided companies involved in renewable energy. This new industry offers thousands of jobs with excellent pay and benefits.

Cortez Masto served two terms as our state’s Attorney General. She was endorsed by every law enforcement agency in the state. She has an impeccable record of working for the people of our state. The fact that she is the first Latina elected to the senate is remarkable.

Nevada also passed two measures which were highly contested but deserved passage based on common sense.

Although the NRA gun lobby spent a small fortune attempting to defeat a law requiring background checks for all gun purchases including at gun shows and online, the bill passed. The great majority of law enforcement approved of the measure. In opposition were elected officials who receive campaign contributions from the NRA. These four men were all Republicans. Governor Brian Sandoval, Attorney General Adam Laxalt, the Sheriff of Washoe County, Chuck Allen, and the Sheriff of Carson City, Ken Furlong, all participated in ads paid for by the NRA, a lobby representing gun manufacturers and gun sellers.

Nevada also passed legislation to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. Fallacious ads citing the dangers of such an action did not defeat reality. Our neighboring state of California was certain to pass similar legislation, and Nevada would have lost millions of dollars in revenue if it did not approve was was generally accepted by the people of our state.

I am proud to be a Nevadan, but ashamed to be a citizen of the United States today. I will continue to tell the truth. Hillary Clinton would have been a great president. Her loss can be directly attributed to the media which supported Donald Trump from the very beginning. They painted Hillary as ‘not trustworthy,’ while offering Trump a free pass. Add to that fact the interference of Russian president Vladimir Putin for the last five years creating an ‘asset’ in Trump, and the ‘last minute’ announcement by FBI Director James Comey concerning reopening and investigation into Hillary personal e-mail account, Hillary had an uphill road. Before this unheard of action by Comey, she had established a large lead heading into the last week before the election.

Today I am sad, but my pride as a Nevadan remains. The American people must prepare themselves for rule by a fascist who has the support of a hypocritical Republican Party. Dark days are ahead, my friends.


By James Turnage

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