The NFL is Fascist


One of the definitions of fascism is “someone who does not allow opposition.” This is a perfect example of the NFL’s officiating policy. No player or coach is allowed to criticize the officiating. Although there is extensive proof that NFL officials are worse than any referees in high school or college, the League office protects them.

NFL officials have cost many teams playoff berths, and opportunities to extend their seasons. The truth does not matter. If a “zebra” is accused of making an egregious mistake, that player or coach will be fined and the referee exonerated.

The most horrendous example in this season was in last night’s Monday Night Football game.

Just before the end of the first half, Richard Sherman, who is the most overrated defensive back in football, intentionally attempted to cause injury to the Buffalo Bills kicker. No foul was called and eventually resulted in a lead by the Seattle Seahawks. This is unforgivable. I am a professional football fanatic. I have witnessed more mistakes by league protected officials than in any other level of sports in my 70 years of playing and coaching at multiple levels.

These unqualified referees have cost teams and players millions of dollars because they are inadequate.

I can tell the truth, but if those who are involved in the game complain about the officials, they are subject to fines and/or suspensions. This is fascism.

I always promise the truth, and here it is. When players make mistakes such as smoking marijuana, or making an overly aggressive play which could harm another player, they are punished. This may be just, but when an official fails to make a correct call which changes the outcome of a game, they are forgiven.

My wife gave me a great gift in 1998. She purchased DirecTv, and all of the necessary equipment which allows me to watch my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers every week. I know she was tired of me complaining that the Reno networks were required to televise the San Francisco 49ers, and the Oakland Raiders. But what it also offered me was an opportunity to watch whatever game I chose.

I know that NFL officials are instructed regarding which results will occur to the best of their ability. I have seen regular season games, playoff games, and even Super Bowls decided by bad calls from horrific officials.

The NFL generates billions of dollars in income for teams, television networks, and advertisers. That does not eradicate the fact that preferential treatment exists.

One proof of this fact, if you actually watch the games, is the protection of Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots.

The owner of the Patriots is Robert Kraft. He is the major supporter of Roger Goodell, the President of the League. Brady has received unprecedented protection by the officials for more than a decade.

I hate the fact that the only sport I love today is so corrupt. From Goodell’s refusal to accept domestic violence as a serious problem, to his inconsistent punishment of NFL players for violations of personal conduct, this money machine has become a national embarrassment.

Thank you all or your support, and please re-post the truth. Thank you.


By James Turnage

photo courtesy of jtpwood

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