Kellyanne Conway: a Poor Spin Doctor and a Failed Campaign Manager


There exists only one reason why Kellyanne Conway became Donald Trump’s campaign manager; Robert Mercer. She was working for the billionaire in support of Ted Cruz. When Mercer became Trump’s largest donor, he ordered the candidate to hire Conway and Steve Bannon. Neither of them had any experience running a high level campaign.

She has proven to be a huge mistake. I have watched Conway for years, and her only talent is as a “spin doctor.” Unfortunately, Trump proved to be too much of a challenge. His weak temperament, combined with minimal intelligence, forces him to attack anyone who criticizes him. He resorts to lies and innuendo to support those attacks.

Nine days ago, FBI Director James Comey attempted to give Trump’s campaign a boost by announcing that he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. Yesterday he announced that nothing new was discovered, and many of the e-mails were duplicates. Anderson Cooper questioned Conway about this revelation.

Conway continued Trump’s line of calling Hillary a criminal.

Cooper: “Is it responsible for someone who might be president of the United States to be, in your words, ‘speculating’ about an active investigation when he has no actual facts?” Cooper asked Conway, speaking on a special Sunday night edition of “Anderson Cooper 360.”

Conway attempted to spin the conversation back to Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server; Cooper wasn’t going to allow her to avoid the question.

“Right, you are not answering the question, though,” he said, with irritation rising in his voice. “Is it irresponsible for a man who might be president of the United States to speculate about something about which he has no facts?”

Cooper wasn’t having any of this as she continued her efforts as a spin doctor. Once more he asked Conway “is it irresponsible?” Conway finally replied to the question.

“No,” Conway replied, “I don’t think it’s irresponsible.” Really? The truth is that the Trump campaign has no opportunity to win when the conversation involves the issues and leadership. The only tactic available to them is attack, attack, attack. It is of no concern if these attacks are true, a misrepresentation, or a blatant lie.

Tomorrow the American people will choose whether or not the nation our founding fathers created will continue to exist. If they fail to do the right thing, democracy will forever be lost, and the United States will become a fascist regime, led by a man with no qualifications, and no morals.

Please vote, and please re-post. As always, you have my sincere gratitude.


By James Turnage


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