In the End It’s All About Trump’s Temperament


I have informed my readers about the many evils of Donald J. Trump. Throughout my entire life, I have attempted to find something positive to say about everyone. One of the most difficult individuals for me was George W. Bush. His was the worst presidency in history. But analysis proves that it was the devil incarnate, Dick Cheney, who was pulling the strings. Today, I believe that Bush tries to be a good man, but lacked the intelligence to be an effective president.

Trump is another story. As hard as I try, I cannot find a single good thing to say about him. He is an ambitious man who is filled with hate.

It is all true; Trump is a white supremacist, a bigot, a sexist, and is unfit to be the President of the United States. Above all it is a combination of lack of intellect, mixed with an extremely weak temperament which nullifies his ambitions. Minor criticism moves Trump to rage and vile attacks.

Possibly the best example of Trump’s inability to lead the free world happened in 2013.

On January 7th, 2013, comedian Bill Maher appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Mimicking Trump’s continual ‘birther’ attacks against President Obama, Maher offered a response. He joked that “he would donate $5 million to Trump’s chosen charity if he released a birth certificate proving his father was not an orangutan.”

As all of America knows today, Trump cannot take a joke; if it’s about him. He actually filed a lawsuit against the comedian.

After sending a copy of Trump’s birth certificate to Maher, twice, containing instructions regarding where to send the $5 million, Trump’s attorney filed a lawsuit claiming ‘breach of contract’ when no payment was forthcoming.

Maher’s response was as expected.

“Now public figures of course don’t always like everything that’s said about them, but that’s how we roll here in America,” Maher said in a 2013 episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher” about the lawsuit. “Just like we’re the gun country, we’re the joke country. We love our free speech, and we love our celebrities getting taken down a peg. So Don, just suck it up like everybody else.

“They seem to be trying to set a bold new precedent that jokes on late night talk shows are now legally binding agreements between the comedian and the person they’re making fun of,” he continued.

This event was a precursor to Trump’s entire campaign. Inciting anger and even violence at his rallies became the norm. No protests were allowed. All individuals, whether they be Republicans or Democrats, who criticized Trump received vile and angry rebuttal.

The president of the United States has with him or her the nuclear launch codes 24 hours a day. One of the most difficult duties our president is required to accomplish is calm and thoughtful negotiations with our adversaries. A president must represent all of our nation’s people, even those who oppose him or her. Trump’s weak mind forbids him to lead our nation.

Please spread the truth and re-post; thank you.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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