If You Support the Constitution You Cannot Vote for Trump


This election is much more important than choosing a president. This election is about American principles and American beliefs. In other words, the Constitution will survive or be destroyed as a result of who wins.

When the Republican Party allowed Donald Trump to become its standard bearer, the offered supports for his beliefs. Sadly, this means that they denounce democracy, equal rights, freedom for all Americans, and deny equal protection under the law for women and minorities. Under Trump, the possibility of repealing the first, fourth, and fourteenth amendments becomes a reality. He has promised his followers that he would take such action.

When the oath of office is taken on January 20, 2017, our 45th president must promise to ‘protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America;’ he would be lying.

If Trump were to be elected, it is highly likely that he would be impeached. There exists an enormous conflict of interest between the presidency, and Trump’s business interests. On November 28th, there will be court action in California to determine whether or not ‘Trump University’ is a fraudulent business. Investigations in the ‘Trump Foundation’ will reveal that he illegally used donations for personal use. Trump is likely to face ‘sexual assault’ charges from multiple women. He has admitted that he bribed several elected officials with campaign donations to obtain land for his construction business. His controversial business associates and practices will receive even greater scrutiny from journalists and the FBI.

Electing Trump would mean electing the first person who was not a ‘real’ American as our president. Not supporting every amendment to the ‘law of the land’ proves that this individual is a traitor.

One entire branch of our government was created by our founding fathers for a single purpose; to forever protect the Constitution. This treasured document is the only thing which separates our nation from others. It celebrates our freedom, and guarantees that the rights of all Americans are protected. It forbids our government to enact laws which infringe upon these rights and freedoms. The Constitution gives us our most important right; the right to vote.

If you believe that a single vote will not make a difference, you are not a student of history. In 2000, Al Gore won the popular election, but because George W. Bush was given the state of Florida, he was also given the presidency. In 2004, the state of Ohio decided the outcome.

When you cast your ballot, you are attempting to decide which candidate will receive your state’s Electoral College votes. Until that situation is changed, the people do not directly elect the president; politicians control the vote with maneuvers designed to win the states with the most Electoral votes.

In 2004, my state of Nevada offered its five votes to Bush, and the popular vote was separated by only a few thousand; your vote does matter.

Please take the few minutes required and vote tomorrow. The future is in the balance of the election. Please re-post, and I thank you.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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