Congress is quick to Send our Soldiers to War; Slow to Care for their Return


For once there is no controversy about a single issue in Washington. The situation regarding the reenlistment of our military in exchange for promised bonuses is unforgivable. Insisting that they pay back those bonuses is unacceptable. The Pentagon wastes billions of dollars each year preparing for war, and now it wants to take away awards paid to those who actually fight their wars. The brass literally throws away 50 percent of each year’s defense budget, and believes our finest men and women should pay for their mistakes.

According to reports, Congress knew about this situation two years ago, and sat on their hands, while ignoring the situation. 535 men and women have virtually done nothing for eight years. Today, they are claiming that they will “fix” this problem. I don’t believe them; They have not “fixed” anything during President Obama’s two terms.

Congress is eager to send our soldiers into harm’s way; governments don’t fight wars. While our military is fighting for our nation we hear great praise for our young men and women. Slogans such as “support our troops” are everywhere. Sadly, that ends when they return home. They are often denied sufficient medical care; physically and mentally. They frequently have difficulty finding satisfactory employment.

In the short 240 years our nation has been in existence, we have been quick to go to war. Born in 1946, I grew up hearing tales of heroism during WWII. My father and several of my uncles returned to a grateful nation. Our government expected them to return to their prewar lives without any assistance from our elected officials. I heard my family talk about one of my uncles who returned from battle. They said that he had changed. He had a great deal of difficulty returning to civilian life. Today I am certain that he was suffering from PTSD. Several years later, he committed suicide.

Any American who serves in battle must come home to a nation where government cares for them with the same urgency as when they sent them into situation which could cost them their lives.

Because I witnessed the results of WWII, and then the Korean Conflict, when Vietnam began to escalate, I became a pacifist. To this day I have no understanding about why our government engaged in a war half way around the world. When we left Vietnam in 1975 in the most embarrassing way possible, everyone knew that we lost a war. Thousands of our finest lost their lives for no reason.

When George W. Bush lied to the American people and planned to invade Iraq in 2003, I opposed his rash actions. The result was the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars.

Only innocent men and women die in warfare. Those who are guilty for the conflict, government and their leaders, are never in danger of losing their lives. Soldiers on both sides of battle are fighting under orders from their government and their superiors.

The situation today is not that different with ISIS. Its leaders have brainwashed young men; convincing them that they are fighting a battle for religious independence. This is the same argument used in the ‘Crusades’ and hundreds of conflicts throughout history. Leaders sent their armies into battle while they remained home living privileged lives.

No one wins a war. The fact is that those who are sent into battle must not only receive our gratitude when they return home, they must receive our complete support. This includes their families who suffered mental anguish in their daily lives, never knowing if their loved ones would return home alive.

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By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DVIDSHUB

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