Donald Trump Channeled George W. Bush


When Donald Trump made his acceptance speech at the convention Thursday evening, I had a feeling of ‘Deja vou.’ After the horrific attacks on September 11, 2001, Republicans learned a new campaign tactic which has become their primary weapon to poison the minds of the American people. The truth is, George W. Bush would have lost the election in 2004 without the use of fear tactics. He somehow managed to convince enough of the American people that only his administration would keep them safe.

With the aid of FOX Noise, and disreputable individuals such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin, fear has continued to allow Republicans to ignore the needs and wants of the American people.

Thursday evening, Trump painted a picture of a dark America. Fear dominated the entire 76 minutes. There was also an undertone of white supremacy. His attack on blacks was thinly disguised, but the truth is that it was definitely there. I would expect nothing less from a man who was endorsed by the KKK.

Although he has no experience at any level of government, Trump attempted to claim the ability to lead our nation in its battle against violence. Of course, he never mentioned how he would accomplish anything, but what was more noticeable was his omission of the root cause of much of the violence in our nation.

Trump has never lived in the real America, and therefore he never mentioned the fact that our entire judicial system needs reform. Not only are black men and women treated more severely than whites by law enforcement, punishment by the court is less severe for whites and the wealthy. Naturally Trump denies all of this; after all, he is running as a Republican.

He also failed to discuss the fact that in 2015 our nation was plagued with more than 380 mass shootings. Trump has no chance to win in November without the support of the NRA gun lobby. In his speech he told multiple lies, but one of the greatest was that Hillary Clinton would repeal the second amendment. Not one person I know, or have heard speak about sensible gun laws has ever proposed such an idea.

However, the second amendment can be approached with common sense. It was written to guarantee states the right to have a militia. In addition, the weapons in 1789 were very different than those we have today. If our forefathers were in government today, they would prevent the sale of military style weapons to civilians. Understanding the need to protect innocent Americans, they would require background checks for all gun sales, preventing mentally challenged citizens from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

Yes, Donald Trump says he can do it all. The problem is that he has no ideas and no knowledge of how to do anything.

I remain befuddled and ashamed that the once Grand Old Party allowed the “orange man” to be its standard bearer. The world is laughing at us, and at the same time offering their pity.


By James Turnage

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