Did Both Trumps Plagiarize Their Speeches?

Maher (3)

Anyone who was able to stay awake during Donald Trump’s speech Thursday evening must have had assistance from an illegal drug. His bleak description of our country appeared to be more of a prognostication than the reality of today’s America. As Bill Maher said on “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday evening: “If that speech was any darker it would have been shot by the police.”

Maher also claimed that Trump followed Melania’s plagiarized speech with one of his own. Several of the bleak lines were stolen from the “Saw” movie franchise.

Trump’s view of America is not to make it ‘great again,’ it is of a country completely divided by race, religion, and income. He ignores violence by police, and condemns “Black Lives Matter.” He would deny the Constitutional right of Americans to legally and peacefully assemble to protest their grievances.

“He (Trump) used the word ‘violence’ a dozen times, the word ‘murder’ a half-dozen times — and that was just the part about Ted Cruz,” Maher said.

Not once did Trump discuss the issues important to the American people in 76 long minutes. He failed to act in a ‘presidential’ manner, offering his view of future America. He forecast only doom and gloom; anything with positivity was removed from his speechwriter’s playbook.

One thing we know; Trump is enjoying himself. Above all else, he has proven through the years that he needs attention, and he has a very ‘thin skin.’ He craves adulation, and cannot handle even the slightest criticism. Trump is so egotistical he actually bragged about his ‘humility.’ Unbelievable.

My overall evaluation of Trump’s speech was twofold. It was long and uninspiring, and I was relieved that the poorest excuse for a convention had ended with his final word.

I was grateful that I was home in my recliner and could fall into a deep sleep. I almost felt sorry for those who were in attendance inside of Quicken Loans Arena. They had to stay awake and pretend that Trump impressed them. But it was their choice to celebrate the candidacy of their unqualified and angry presidential wannabee.

I don’t expect an exhilarating convention from Democrats next week either. However, there will be one major difference. In Philadelphia the speakers will have credibility and intellect. I’m certain that they will ‘bash’ Trump; he’s an easy target. But they will also speak about the many issues facing our nation. They will also discuss Hillary’s impressive qualifications to be our 45th president; something Republicans were unable to do with Trump as their candidate.

One thing of which I am certain is that Hillary will offer her positive view of a nation under her leadership. I doubt if she ever saw one of the “Saw” movies.


By James Turnage


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