“My Relationship with Jesus Christ”


The title of this article is a quote from more than one Christian extremist. The latest was a woman who refused to cater her long time friend’s wedding because he and his intended were a same-sex couple. It is hard for me to believe that any intelligent human being believes that Jesus Christ hates the LGBT community, or that He even listens to the prayers of individuals. If He did, the people who suffer most in the world would rule the planet instead of growing in numbers and forced to lead lives of suffering and pain.

First of all, if you do not read my rants regularly, you do not know that I believe organized religion is a cult, and denies bot the Bible and the teachings of Christ. Christian’s ‘book of instructions’ tells us that humans were gifted with free thought and a sense of morality enabling them to make excellent choices regarding spirituality and their place in the world.

My favorite bumper sticker of all time said: “When bigotry and racism come to the United States, they will be carrying a cross and waving the flag.”

People who are prejudiced hide behind symbols. An individual cannot be a Christian if they are judgmental and intolerant. Jesus did not discriminate when He said “love one another as I have loved you.”

I understand why millions of people rely on religious leaders to be told how to live their lives and what to believe. It’s not easy to be independent and make all of your own decisions. For me, freedom does not exist if I allow another person to control my thoughts.

It is difficult for me to believe in the fantasies in the Bible. In addition, I don’t believe that ‘having blind faith’ is common sense. I want proof.

What I actually see is just the opposite. Millions of Africans suffer throughout their lives; often dying early from war, pestilence, or famine. In our own nation families living in poverty are growing in unforgivable numbers, as the wealthy become more wealthy and live lives of privilege and luxury. Working class Americans are the largest number of “church goers,” but the only ‘prayers’ I see answered are those of our immoral politicians who all claim to be devout Christians.

How am I supposed to believe in a God when everything I see tells me that there is no such individual? I don’t have that much ‘faith.’ I join our founding fathers and believe that at one time there was a supernatural being who created the universe, but that he or she does not speak directly to humans, and is not concerned with our daily lives; that’s why we were given the gift of free thought.

So, don’t tell me about your ‘relationship with Jesus Christ.’ What you really have is a relationship with your church and its pastor. If you are weak-minded enough to need the instructions of another man or woman to live your daily lives, I am sorry for you.

I am an American, and I believe in the Constitution, not the Bible. By the way; both were written by men, not by a supernatural being.


By James Turnage

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