The United States Desperately Needs a Psychiatrist

Mental Health

I read far too much, and what I read is giving me angst. I don’t trust my fellow man, and I am sure that as a nation we have become far less intelligent.

After I read the story about a New Orleans Saints football player who was shot and killed after a traffic accident last evening, my mind wandered to the many unnecessary, frightening, and ignorant incidents which have occurred in our nation in just a short period of time.

Will Smith was driving his Mercedes in New Orleans, when his vehicle was rear-ended by a Hummer, forcing Smith’s car to strike another vehicle. As Smith approached the Hummer, the animal driving the vehicle shot Smith several times; he died on the scene. Smith’s wife was also shot twice in the leg.

Of course I am against America becoming an armed camp, but I am more concerned about the level of anger in our nation. The cause of this fury must be blamed on two entities; politicians and the mainstream media.

I could discuss the senseless violence which permeates our nation, but that would force by to write another book. I’ll just point to the fact that a mass shooting happens nearly every day in America, and at every venue; including inside churches.

The best example I can offer is the current political situation occurring within the Republican Party.

I joined other writers and chuckled when Donald Trump declared his candidacy for the GOP nomination for the presidency. We all know that it is fair to label Trump an ‘attention whore,’ and therefore none of us initially took him seriously. When he stated that all Hispanics were rapists and murderers, we didn’t laugh at the hate-filled statement, we laughed at Trump and believed he would lose his initial support. When, after that speech his poll numbers rose, I was completely baffled.

After a joint effort by the Republican establishment and FOX Noise failed to derail Trump’s campaign during the first “debate,” and his poll numbers once again rose, I became somewhat frightened.

Trump’s rhetoric became even more vile and reprehensible. He denounced his fellow candidates, preached hatred of Muslims to his supporters, and denigrated women. A war had begun between Republican leadership and Trump. Frequent incidents of violence occurred at his rallies, as anger and hatred fill the air.

Much of Trump’s success and the proliferation of hatred must be blamed on the media. He received five-times more coverage than all other candidates combined. But placing blame on the media is a condition which began years prior to the rise of Donald Trump.

For far too many years the media has failed to tell complete truths about the crimes committed by our own government and politicians. They began with the war crimes of Bush and Cheney. They failed the American people by refusing to report the truth about the lies of our president; they never discussed the number of innocent men, women, and children who were murdered by our government’s invasion of Iraq; after the tragic events of 9/11, they refused to inform the American people that both Bush and Cheney had been warned of an ‘imminent attack’ on American soil, but chose to go on vacation; and the fact that at one time during the invasion of Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden had been located, but our military and CIA were told to ‘stand down’ because he was hiding inside Pakistan’s borders was never reported.

Thanks to brainwashing and manipulation of the truth, our nation needs a psychiatrist. The fact that a wretched man who is a self-proclaimed racist, bigot, and misogynist continues to be the leader of the Republican Party proves that America needs anger management classes.

The United States in which I was raised was a great nation. I was proud that values such as compassion, understanding, tolerance, respect, and freedom and justice for all were the foundation of America. They have been replaced by fear, anger, and hatred.

This sad and frightening situation cannot be blamed on the media and politicians alone. Men and women who support such despicable men as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz already harbored many of those disreputable qualities; they were simply searching for a leader.

We have moved backwards towards our nation’s dark past, while other nations are evolving and moving forward.

The United States has been rated as 14th in the quality of life for its people. I no longer wonder why.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of Mark Turnauckas

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