Exporting Oil: Good for Petroleum Industry: Bad for America

Oil Tanker

Immediately after the GOP led Congress voted in favor of allowing the petroleum industry to renew exports of oil, ads popped up on television. The industry claims that if they are allowed to drill anywhere and anytime, gas prices will decline in America. Not so fast.

I am not a ‘conspiracy’ kind of guy, most of the time. But I never discount the greed of big oil. This necessary but evil component of American business has never placed the needs and wishes of the American people above profits; don’t be fooled by their million dollar commercials which are simply an attempt to convince the public to allow Congress to pass legislation for their benefit alone.

Yesterday the Republican-led House passed a budget measure. The GOP succeeded in raising already bloated defense spending, and extending tax credits for our wealthiest citizens and their corporations. It also included a provision to remove the 40-year-old ban on oil exports which were instituted to protect American consumers.

By allowing the most dangerous oil production method in history, Fracking, the petroleum industry has produced more of the sludge than at any other time in our nation’s history. The result has been a decrease in the price of crude which was the cause for lower prices at the pump. Is that the truth?

In collusion with GOP legislators, lobbyists for the oil industry planned the removal of the ban on exports. Make no mistake about it, in November 2014, when the GOP gained control of both houses, this was written into the agenda.

If the removal of this ban is approved, I predict that in a few years two situations will change. First, the prices at the pump will experience a huge increase as much of our resources are sold to other nations for increased profit. Secondly, and more important than the harm to consumers, would be the harm to our environment.

Fracking is the greatest danger to the future of America’s water table, and the soil in which we grow our food. The carcinogenic chemicals used in the process will pollute land and water for tens of thousands of years. But with the exporting of our natural resources, the petroleum industry to claim that supplies were dwindling, and their lobbyists would be hard at work demanding that GOP politicians fight for additional drilling in wilderness areas and national parks.

Retain this article for future reference; sadly, you will find that I am 100 percent correct.

As I stated before, rarely am I a conspiracy theorist, but there remain exceptions. Past disasters have proven me wrong about some planning beyond the public view to take actions or ignore situations for their own benefit.

We now have proof that the tragedy of 9/11 could have been prevented, but our leaders ignored the intelligence agencies. There must be a reason why such an enormous danger to our nation was discounted.

There is no doubt that Bush and Cheney planned the invasion of Iraq; it had nothing to do with Al Qaeda or WMDs. They deceived Congress and the American people in a rush to a destructive war which cost thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars.

Collusion exists daily between gun manufacturers and gun sellers and the GOP legislators. The NRA gun lobby buys votes which make our nation a more dangerous place for every citizen.

San Bernardino’s cowardly slaughter of 14 innocent people is unforgivable, but in 2015 there have been more mass shootings than days on the calendar. Damn the profits of the gun purveyors; the safety of the American people must come first. If there is one amendment which needs to be redefined, it is the second amendment. The gun nuts have no concern that other amendments are being violated daily, including the first and fourteenth.

The GOP must change its name to the ‘Grand Old Party of Hypocrites.’


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of Justin Russell

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