Politicians Talk a Lot, do Nothing, and Simply don’t Care


There are 535 men and women in Washington who will surely be residents of ‘Dante’s Inferno’ when they leave this life. They are ambitious, deceitful, and uncaring individuals who live a life of privilege while millions of Americans struggle for a simple thing called existence. While poverty levels rise due to income inequality and the number of homeless individuals and families grow in our major cities, these horrible people play games and continually campaign for reelection to sustain their lives of luxury.

The statistics are there and our Congressmen deny the facts. No one can live on $7.50 an hour. Families are going to sleep each night hungry and in fear of what might happen to them tomorrow. Suicides of middle aged Americans are on the rise as despair replaces all hope. Millions of America’s children rely on meals supplied by their schools for sufficient sustenance. The wealthiest Americans are supported by the GOP and have several homes worth tens of millions of dollars, travel in private aircraft, and throw away more food every day than millions of our people are able to consume in a week. There are approximately 20 percent of our nation’s people who feel secure and continue to believe in the American dream. The United States of America no longer exists as our forefathers created it.

While the overall homeless rate measured by a one-night federal survey declined since 2013, the actual rate in major cities is on the rise. As the poverty level increases, the reasonable assumption is that the homeless population will become far more egregious. Millionaires with ‘cushy’ jobs and living lives of privilege have no concern for the people they are mandated to serve.

New York estimates that it has 60,000 homeless person living in shelters or on the streets. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city will build 15,000 new units over the next 15 years to house the homeless and mentally ill. They will be constructed without aid from the state.

In the west, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray reported that two new encampments for homeless people will be opened after it was revealed that there was an increase of 22 percent in their population.

Los Angeles has experienced a 55 percent increase in the homeless population since 2013.

The United States has over 100 billionaires; and that number is increasing. Corporations are making record profits as wages decline. To protect the bloated profits of their owners, the GOP refuses to support an increase in the federal minimum wage. All 14 GOP presidential candidates deny the existence of income inequality. All 14 presidential wannabees deny that addressing domestic issues is the priority. They continue to use fear tactics with terrorism as their primary focus, but ignore the needs of more than 300 million people.

Outside of the Arab world, the United States has the richest people in the world. Ignoring the increasing numbers of those living at the poverty level and frequently become homeless will not make them disappear. With the disappearance of low-income housing, more families are forced to find shelter on a daily basis.

Our politicians have no conscience. If it’s not happening to them or their families they have no concern. And remember, you elected them.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of Mark Fischer

Author’s Page http://www.amazon.com/By-James-turnage/e/B00LOCJ2Z2

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