Why Did the Bush Administration Allow 9/11 Attacks?

Bush Admin

Although the mainstream media failed to report the details, it was widely known that the Bush Administration was informed about probable attacks on United States soil by Al Qaeda months before the tragedies on 9/11 occurred. Now, after more than 100 hours of interviews involving 12 directors of the CIA, we know that not only were warnings of an extremely serious nature discussed with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, they chose to ignore them and took vacations.

The information obtained by CIA and other security agencies was so dire that the suggestion was offered that our nation ‘prepare for war.’ The CIA chief of counterterrorism, Cofer Black, and CIA Director George Tenet suggested a preemptive strike in Afghanistan, but the Bush Administration said that they were ‘not ready to consider such a proposal.’

A crucial meeting was held on July 10, 2001. The head of the Al-Qaeda unit at the CIA, Richard Blee, told Black “Chief, this is it. Roof’s fallen in.”

“The information that we had compiled was absolutely compelling. It was multiple-sourced. And it was sort of the last straw,” Black said.

When an immediate request was given for a meeting with national security advisor Condoleezza Rice, the following warning was given.

“The attacks will be spectacular. They may be multiple. Al-Qaeda’s intention is the destruction of the United States,” said Blee, according to Tenet.

Once again the administration ignored the intelligence.

Many of the former directors found the lack of response by the Bush Administration ‘unbelievable.’ Why would the Commander and Chief of our nation, the one man directly responsible for the safety of America’s people choose to deny such definitive proof? Intelligent leaders err on the side of safety. It is fool hardy to ignore such a frightening forecast.

Did Bush and Cheney have knowledge of forthcoming events? Did they choose to allow the attacks? What would be the benefit if information obtained by the CIA was simply ignored?

The events of 9/11 changed our nation and the world forever. If they had been stopped, none of our military would be in Afghanistan today. The illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq would never have occurred. ISIS would not exist. Tens of thousands of lives would not have been lost. Our nation would not have suffered a severe recession. And one other thing; with George W. Bush’s performance rating quickly moving downwards before 9/11, John Kerry would likely have won the 2004 presidential election.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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